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Sooner or later we all start to notice that our life becomes boring, we go to work, meet the same people every day and nothing exciting and surprising happens with us. At such moment the good way to cope with the routine depression is to get a good portion of adrenalin. How to get it? Watch the first-class horror film which will tickle your nerves and definitely provide with the adrenaline. So, prior to start our horrifying list, let’s try to sort out why we like horror movies so much and even need them sometimes?

Horror films give us a lot of thrills. We are covered with shivers, turning away at especially dangerous moments and very empathizing with the heroes. And then we feel a great sense of relief when the heroes (albeit not in full composition) defeat maniacs, ghouls and murderers. This is why we like horror genre and even go to a cinema for the premiers.

Who likes this genre? First of all, those who in real life do not have enough adrenaline and bright events. Their everyday life is so calm and measured that the rapid heartbeat and wiggling of the hair on the head when watching a particularly stressful scene (well, you remember: careful steps behind the door and slooow turn of the door handle …) only pleasantly diversify routine.

All of us tend to drag not only to the beautiful, but to the terrible also- this is our nature. Fear moves us forward. During a stressful situation we gather, become stronger, feel, see and hear better, mobilize all our inner potential and act. Ok, now it’s time to see the best horror movies on amazon prime. Ready?

Meet the scariest 40 movies of all times:

An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London 1981
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1981
Director of the movie: John Landis
American students Jack Goodman and David Kessler travel to England. In an uninhabited area they were attacked by an unknown animal. Jack was torn to pieces, and David was unconsciously taken to one of London’s hospitals. Under the existing version, the guys were attacked by a creature similar to a wolf. At the scene, a dead naked man with gunshot wounds was found. At that moment, there was a full moon in the sky.

David began to have nightmares, in which Jack came to him. The deceased informed his friend that he was wounded by the werewolf, and as soon as the full moon comes again, David will also turn into a huge wolf. Naturally the guy does not want to believe this. However, when the full moon came, David turned. The next morning, he woke up at the zoo in a cage with wolves, remembering nothing about what happed. The media reported that six people were torn to pieces.




The Witch

The Witch 2016

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Robert Eggers
The New England folk tale is a kind of Robert Eggers’ view of the horror film. 1628 year. In the new England, in the ordinary commune a family that adheres to strict Christian-Puritan views lives. After a quarrel with the head of the commune, Katrina and William leave the farmlands and settle on a wild stretch of land, away from people. Colonists are uncommunicative, and they like their new place. Slowly the life of the Christian farmers is getting better: a new crop is coming, five children are getting used to new conditions, life is getting settled.

But not for long … Suddenly, the harvest is dying, moans and eerie cries are heard at night, and nightmares wander about the corners of the hut. But this is not the worst – the newborn son of Katrina and William disappears without a trace. The average son after searching him in the forest came back shocked – on the footpath the boy met a supernatural creature and scared to death. And at this time something amiss is going on with the eldest child of the colonists. The seventeen-year-old Tomasina is a Witch?




 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon 2006

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2006
Director of the movie: Scott Glosserman
In the years following 
Scream there was no shortage of films attempting similar deconstructions of the horror genre, but few deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the criminally underseen Behind the Mask. Taking place in a world where supernatural killers such as Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger actually existed, this mockumentary follows around a guy named Leslie Vernon, who dreams of being the “next great psycho killer.” In doing so, it provides answers and insight into dozens of horror movie tropes and clichés, such as “How does the killer train?” How does he pick his victims? How can he seemingly be in two places at once? It’s a brilliant, twisted love letter to the genre that also develops an unexpected stylistic change right when you think you know where things are headed. It’s one of the most creative indie horror films of the 2000s, and despite a lack of star power, boasts tons of cameos from horror luminaries—Robert Englund, Kane Hodder, Zelda Rubinstein and even The Walking Dead’s Scott Wilson. Every, and I mean every horror fan needs to see Behind the Mask—Jim Vorel 





Nosferatu 1922

This movie is available on: Amazon
Years: 1922
Director of the movie: F.W. Murnau
In the German town of Weisberg, an estate agent, Thomas Huter, lives. One day he gets an assignment to go to Transylvania and conclude a deal with Count Oarlock. Locals are not very welcoming Huter. Nobody wants to take him to Oarlock’s castle. They believe that there begins a land of ghosts. In the ancient estate Thomas meets its owner. They sign all the papers, and Oarlock notices a medallion on the neck of Thomas, on which there is a portrait of his beautiful wife Helen.

The Earl attacks Hunter and bites him. When it was light, Thomas finds Oarlock lying in a coffin. At night, the count puts several coffins on the cart and leaves. Helen, who stayed in Weisberg somehow in a state of sleepwalking, can communicate with her husband in distress. At this moment the plague begins in the city. People die every day. There is only one way to save them…



Night of the Living Dead – Digitally Remastered

Night of the Living Dead – Digitally Remastered 1968

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1968
Director of the movie: George A. Romero
Arrived from Pittsburgh Johnny and Barbara go to the village cemetery to visit the grave of his father. Unfortunately, the place of eternal rest is far from safe. Lonely visitors here are trapped by a living dead man, hiding behind the monument. He kills Johnny, but Barbara manages to escape. The frightened girl tries to leave the nightmarish cemetery, but the car breaks down, and the temporary shelter of the poor girl a farmhouse becomes. In its basement people are already hiding, escaped from the bloodthirsty dead.

The cause of the dead awakening was radioactive dust, brought from space by NASA’s satellite. It caused the epidemic which touched the brain of the dead, who have risen to devour the living flesh. Only a shot in the head can calm the night monsters, so people who have settled in the basement take up arms.




The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1974
Director of the movie: Tobe Hooper
Sally is a young girl who learns about the vandals’ attack on the cemetery where her beloved grandfather is buried. Together with friends and brother Franklin she goes to check whether the grave of her grandfather has been hurt. Approaching the cemetery, the girl decides to check out the old farm on which their grandfather lived for a long time. Next to it there is another farm, which is a home to a family of slaughterhouse workers. This is a very unpleasant and frightening place, which is “decorated” with creepy things made from the skin and
bones of dead animals. The owners of the farm are also very unpleasant people, and the most terrible of them wears a mask made of leather…




It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night 2017

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2017
Director of the movie: Trey Edward Shults
After the population of the Earth was affected by the virus, Paul (Joel Edgerton) decided to save his family in any way possible. The man took a decision to move away from civilization, thereby reducing the probability of infection to zero. The family moved to a house in the middle of the forest and quickly adapted to the new conditions of life. There were no signs of trouble, until uninvited guests knocked on the door…

For unknown reasons, a horrible disease began to spread on the territory of the Earth, turning all infected people into monsters. Trying to avoid such a fate, Paul and his family reconciled with the secluded way of living. The main thing is to stay healthy, and to the benefits of civilization you can return when the epidemic stops its spreading. After some time, Paul relaxed and recklessly put real evil into his house…




We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here 2015

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2015
Director of the movie: Ted Geoghegan
The area in the northeastern United States has long been called New England. This is due to the fact that it was here since the first English settlers came. Whether the evil was imported from the old continent or the indigenous Indian population brought it to one of the houses. No one will ever guess that behind the facade of one of the old houses quite scary things happen occasionally. And the periodicity of the appearance of this evil is exactly thirty years.

A group of travelers wandered into an old house, which was on the outskirts. On their misfortune, this happened at a time when old evil was awakened again here. And now this company of men and women need to try hard to save their lives. But whether people will believe the survivors or in thirty years the house will again find itself a victim?




The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth 1964

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1964
Directors of the movie: Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow
The epidemic of plague swept through the world, millions of people were killed and the population of the Earth was rapidly decreasing. And so, as a result, no one was left alive, the last inhabitants of the Earth were struck by the plague and died. Only Dr. Robert Morgan stayed alive, his body was resistant to the plague, and he became the only person who managed to survive, apparently, the last epidemic in the history of mankind. How to live when you are alone on the whole planet? Nobody has ever been as lonely as Morgan, because he believes that he is the last person on Earth and with his death of the history of mankind will come to the end. During the day he continues to lead an “ordinary” way of life. But when the night comes, the army of bloodthirsty creatures leave their shelters and begin to hunt for Morgan…




Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives 1986
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1986
Director of the movie: Tom McLoughlin
Tommy Jarvis with his young forces, managed to defeat the evil murderer from the underworld Jason Wurhiz. Nobody could imagine that a maniac, cruelly mocking his victims, would fall by the hand of a child. Jarvis became a young hero. But something changed…His maturing consciousness “plays” with him, telling horrific tales, the plot of which is that the cruel killer in a terrible mask stayed alive. Year after year, fears and manic visions are becoming ever more intrusive and compulsive. And one day Jarvis, taking with him a best friend, decided to go to the cemetery and check the Jason’s grave. Only glancing into his decaying face, Jarvis hopes to find the long-awaited peace. But it turns out that the grave is empty. And its former visitor, Jason, is starting new tortures for his victims …




Society 1989
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1989
Director of the movie: Brian Yuzna
It seems that Bill Wintney has everything necessary for life. He has money, good job, loving parents … But why can’t he find rest and feel the fullness of life? Something does not give him peace and prevents him from experiencing all the beauty of life when you have everything. Maybe he needs a thrill? In one of the evenings … Did Bill suppose that THIS will be waiting for him… And that his life as an outsider would be preferable to death by the hands of the Society …




 Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter 1984
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1984
Director of the movie: Joseph Zito
Faced in the summer camp “Crystal Lake” with the brutal killer Jason Wurhiz, several young people met their deaths. However, in that bloody massacre the criminal himself was killed, after which his body was taken to the morgue. It seemed that now people can forget about him and only tell terrible stories about his bloody game “Kill the Leader!”. However, after some time the body of the maniac mystically disappears from the morgue, after which he again appears in the “Crystal Lake”, where, completely unsuspecting, a company of young people rested. Now each of them is in mortal danger, as Jason has started his hunt again…




House on Haunted Hill

House on Haunted Hill 1959

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1959
Director of the movie: William Castle
Extravagant millionaire Frederic Lauren rents a house with ghosts for one night to held the reception there, which was organized by his wife. Five invited guests are required to participate in the event for 10,000 dollars (if they stay alive). One of them, the owner of the house drunkard Watson Pritchard, tells the sinister story of a house where seven people were killed. And all the murders differed in a certain originality – for example, one of the previous owners threw his wife into a bath with acid. Gradually, the sinister events begin to occur. Especially often a cute Nora is facing with them. She wants to leave the house, but the door is locked. As a bonus, Frederic gives the guests small coffins, inside of which pistols are. The mood of the quests is rapidly changing – they want to leave the building, but a steel door can’t be hacked…




Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall 1986
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1986
Director of the movie: Jim Wynorski
In the department store new security technologies are implemented. Today, the usual guards will be completely replaced by three robots, one robot per floor. The duty of robots is only to capture thieves. To distinguish thieves from the staff they can on a special card – a certificate of a shopkeeper. On the first day of robot watch, teenagers who worked part-time at a department store, decided to stay after work and have fun. But the electronic stuffing of robots is broken and they begin their bloody hunt. Teenagers against robotic killers – who will be the winner? The film “Chopping Mall” was released in 1986 and immediately won the attention of moviegoers in different parts of the world.





Southbound 2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Directors of the movie: Radio Silence, Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath
The film Southbound which is on the fifteenth position in our list of the best horror movies on amazon prime is a collection of short terrible stories, that are not connected in a single plot. The central image in the movie will be the road: this film is a road-movie in the genre of horror, fantasy and thriller. Two men rush along the highway by car, escaping from monsters. Where are they going and why are their clothes stained with blood?

Three girls are stuck in the middle of the road because of a car breakdown, but a couple is coming to help them. But what are the true intentions of the “good Samaritans”?

The brother has been searching for the missing sister for many years, but when he finds her, the girl refuses to leave the city inhabited by the monsters. How will these and many other unusual stories that make up the film Southbound end?




Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th 1980
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1980
Director of the movie: Sean S. Cunningham
The camp leaders prepare the summer camp “Crystal Lake” for the opening. They expect a summer shift and prepare for their young guests a lot of exciting activities and fun games. Every year they give their whole soul to children, making sure that their vacation in the camp becomes unforgettable. However, this time they are warned that they are cursed, and on Friday the 13th they will not be saved. But the camp leaders are sure that this is just an evil joke and everything will go as usual. They do not even suspect that while they are making fun contests and entertainments for children, the game, the title of which is “Kill the Leader!” was invented for them too. Will at least one of the adults survive in this summer camp? …



Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood 1988
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1988
Director of the movie: John Carl Buechler
On the account of the famous maniac-murderer Jason Wurhiz there are hundreds of innocent victims, and it is almost impossible to kill him. One of the young people was lucky not only to survive after meeting with the bloodthirsty sophisticated killer, but also to chained him at the bottom of the Crystal Lake. Jason can’t get out of this captivity and for many years he has to live without his favorite death game.

Tina Shepherd is a young girl who can foresee the future and has the ability to move objects at a distance. This unpredictable gift releases a cruel killer maniac from the imprisoned captivity and he begins his bloody hunt again. Now Tina’s supernatural powers become the only hope of salvation, but can she cope with this hell creature?…




The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers 2011
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2011
Director of the movie: Ti West
In the old provincial hotel a nice girl named Claire works together with her friend Luke. The young man tries by all means to raise the popularity of their hotel, attributing to it the glory that in these walls various paranormal phenomena occurs. On his website, Luke tells us a lot of terrible stories related to the past of the hotel. At some point, Claire even shows support for Luke in his ideas with such advertising. And after a while, stories about the ghost of the bride, who wanders around the hotel, begins to seem Claire the real truth. Eventually it turned out that in the walls of this ancient building a real evil lives. And now Luke and Clare are going to solve all the sinister secrets of the old hotel. What else will they find out about this inconspicuous hotel?




 Green Room

 Green Room 2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Jeremy Saulnier
Four friends have created their own music band, but the creativity of the guys continues to go unnoticed. All because guys do not advertise themselves in social networks, do not spread their songs on the Internet and generally believe that only the live sound can convey the whole essence of their music. They travel around the country from one place to another and give their small concerts. Once they are invited to sing in a closed club, in which skinheads usually gather. Without any doubts the guys agree, because they were offered very good money. But after the concert friends become witnesses to the terrible murder, after which their lives are in a mortal danger. The guys are locked in a green room, from which there is only one way out …




Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1956
Director of the movie: Don Siegel
A doctor from a small Californian town is concerned about the growing number of patients who say they have stopped recognizing their loved ones: people become indifferent, insensitive.

Having begun the investigation, doctor discovers that it is about twins created by mysterious space aliens which are planning to conquer the Earth. Whether the doctor will be saved, whether he stops invisible and invulnerable invaders – the audience will not know until the last minute. This movie definitely worth to be in the list of the best horror movies of amazon prime.




 Child’s Play

 Child’s Play 1988
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1988
Director of the movie: Tom Holland
Serial killer Charles Li Ray is a keen of the magic of Voodoo. When he is persecuted by detective Mike Norris, Charles tries to hide from him in a toy store. The policeman manages to mortally wound the murderer, but Charles before the death manages to utter a mysterious spell …

No one believed six-year Andy Barclay, when the boy said that his new doll named Chucky is alive. Soon, their house becomes full of grief – Andy’s nanny is dead, falling out of the window, after which the boy confesses to his mother that Chucky did it. But no one takes Andy’s words seriously, and only he realizes that it is Chucky who is the reason of the string of brutal murders that swept over the city. However, the worst is yet to come – Chucky is about to move into the body of a living person…




 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 1986 This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1986
Director of the movie: John McNaughton
Henry is a tramp who spent time in prison for killing his own mother. After the releasing he has a very unusual and eerie hobby: together with his cellmate Otis, he commits murders of innocent people, thus relieving himself of a stress. The most terrible thing is that in this person it is very difficult to see a serial killer, as Henry leads a normal life: he earns money, goes to a bar, where he drinks beer and communicates with his friends. For him, human life has no value, but his friend Otis, felt the impunity, and became a real monster, totally obsessed with brutal murders. One day, Otis’ sister comes to Chicago to stay with his brother for a while. From the first meeting, Becky falls in love with Henry, not even suspecting who her brother and this man really are …





 Teeth 2007 This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2007
Director of the movie: Mitchell Lichtenstein
In a small town, which is located near the nuclear power plant a pretty girl Doan O’Keefe grew up. She is a good student and has a chaste behavior. Together with her friends Tobias, Alisha and Phil, she often attends Christian sermons. But still, a girl grows up and feels a sexual attraction. One day, Doane went for a walk with Tobias. They started kissing and the guy wanted to have an intimate relationship with her. The girl refused him, but he decided to do it by force. Further, the most unforeseen things happened. It turned out that Down has a mythical vagina dentata. She has terrible teeth in her vagina that bit off a guy’s penis. The girl in a hysterical state goes to the gynecologist Dr. Godfrey. When he tried to examine her, he lost four fingers on his hand. Girl is shocked, but after a while realizes that with the help of her sexual organ she can fight with male aggression and chauvinism.




Bride of Re-Animator

Bride of Re-Animator 1990
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1990
Director of the movie: Brian Yuzna
Dr. Herbert West in the company of Dan Kane does not even think to stop his experiments on the people revitalization, as well as on the creation of strange creatures from bodies fragments. The lieutenant Leslie Chapman is close to discovering dr. West, who settled in a former morgue near the cemetery. Herbert works day and night, but Kane finds time for a date with a new friend Francesca. Very inappropriately appears Chapman, who can be pacified only with sleeping pills. This leads to unexpected consequences, and Leslie dies. He is successfully returned to life, which ends with an attack of a semi-corpse on the experimenters. Again and again, West fails, the creatures are extremely aggressive to the creator. Is it possible to improve the situation?




 Frankenstein’s Army

Frankenstein’s Army 2013
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2013
Director of the movie: Richard Raaphorst
The film takes place in 1945. Soviet troops are conducting an offensive on Germany. Quite by accident, soldiers of the Soviet army discover a secret laboratory in which the Nazis experimented with living and dead people. Here they find diaries of Viktor Frankenstein, according to which German scientists conducted dangerous experiments. Their main task was the creation of super-soldiers, who could not be defeated. This was the last opportunity for the German troops not to lose the war, and who knows at what stage these terrible studies were completed? … This is one of the most exciting movies among our best horror movies on amazon prime.




Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow 1999
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1999
Director of the movie: Tim Burton 
The legendary film by Tim Burton appeared on screens in 1999. The film is not a classic horror film. It is more like a mystical thriller, which attracts a much larger audience of viewers. The picture for many years has taken the leading lines in the world cinema ratings. Wonderful music and eventful storyline will make you repeatedly return to viewing this tape. The picture is based on the famous horror stories about a rider without a head. In 1799 in a small town with the strange name Sleepy Hollow there is a series of mysterious murders. A young constable from New York is sent for investigation. Arriving at the town he learns from local residents that all murders are committed by a mysterious rider without a head. All the victims are beheaded, and only the bodies are found at the scene. Crane is convinced that all this is not the fiction of gullible residents. Now he has to find a mystical creature …




Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later 1998
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1998
Director of the movie: Steve Miner
Nurse Marion Whittington returns home after work and realizes that someone has visited her house and made a total devastation there. The woman discovers that someone was looking for the case of Laurie Strode, and after leaving the house, she faces Michael Myers, who kills her. Michael learned that his sister changed her name and now her name is Carey Tate, and she works as a school principal in California. Michael decides to find his sister. Laurie now lives with his 16-year-old son John and tries to forget about the past. Halloween is approaching and a party is prepared for the holiday at the school. John and his classmates go to school to a party, where Michael Myers soon arrives…




Friday the 13th: Part 3-D

Friday the 13th: Part 3-D 1982

This movie is available on: Amazon
Director of the movie: Steve Miner
The bloodthirsty and merciless Jason Vurhiz again returns to the film. He is waiting for his naive and young victims in the camp with the name “Crystal Lake”. Innocent rest will turn into terrible murders. The guys even could not imagine such a horrible adventure. Who is lucky enough to save life? And who will die at any moment from the hands of a merciless maniac? Undoubtedly, there is a way to overcome your own fears and destroy the villain. But will the young heroes be able to guess what he is? Will they find the moral, spiritual and physical forces to stop the evil that is not the first time already trying to put the world at its feet? Only by sacrificing the lives of friends and relatives, one of the guys will be able to protect themselves from death, so cruel and inevitable. But who will be the lucky one who will beat the very unprincipled death and its ardent accomplice?




 The Toxic Avenger

 The Toxic Avenger 1984 This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1984
Directors of the movie: Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman
Melvin Junko is an object for ridicule and humiliation, he was a complete loser and a weakling who wandered around the local health club. Slug and Bozo were fed up with his ugly look and, unable to stand it, threw him through the window. Junko, flying out of the window, gets into the container with waste, which turned out to be toxic. He managed not only to remain alive after poisoning. Some mutation occurred, which changed him for the better. Melvin returned to life as a giant mutant, whose nickname was the Toxic Avenger. Now he has the new goal in his life, which consisted in the extermination of evil in his state …




The Girl With All the Gifts

The Girl With All the Gifts 2016
This movie is available on:  Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Colm McCarthy
Sometimes people’s activities on the planet can lead to the most horrifying and unpredictable consequences. In this movie a fungal spore appeared, which became the basis for the deadly virus spread. The epidemic began to develop rapidly on all continents. Infected people are turning into uncontrollable horrible zombies. Medicines for this terrible disaster simply do not exist. Some scientists came up with the idea of
​​using infected people, especially girls, who for some reason remained normal people. Based on their DNA, it became possible to develop a serum vaccine that could save humanity. Scientists bring a group of young teenage girls to a closed bunker and begin to conduct all sorts of experiments on them. The greatest intellect among them is Melanie. Girl does not want to be an experimental lamb and is ready to fight…




 Aaah! Zombies!!

 Aaah! Zombies!! 2007
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2007
Director of the movie: Matthew Kohnen
Two guys and two girls went to a local cafe to have fun. After they ate one ice cream, drizzled with some strange green syrup, their heads began to ache terribly. From that moment on, very strange things began to happen with them: every person they met on their way ran away from them in horror, and those who had weapons started to shoot at them trying to hit them in the head. None of the young people even realize that the ice cream was watered not with syrup, but with a secret experimental substance developed by the military, which, having got into the human body, turns everyone into a zombie…




The House on Sorority Row

The House on Sorority Row 1983
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1983
Director of the movie: Mark Rosman
7 girls decide to celebrate their graduation from the school. They gather together in the dorm room, but their fun is broken by the commandant woman, who demands to stop everything immediately and leave the dorm in the morning. Girls are annoyed and in revenge decide to joke with woman a bit … However, the joke is not so harmless: a woman dies. The girls are shocked, no one can understand what to do. Nobody wants to call the police, because then they will all be put in a jail …

Friends do not come up with anything better than dropping the body into the pool and report that this is an accident. However, someone noticed that a woman was thrown into the pool when she was already dead. And he opens a hunt for the girls for his own reasons. And is not so easy to escape from him as it seemed before…




The House at the End of Time

The House at the End of Time 2013
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2013
Director of the movie: Alejandro Hidalgo
Dusilier is an ordinary woman who lives a quiet life in a large old house together with her husband and son. But one night something terrible happens in their house, which leads to the death of her family members. The police, after examining the crime scene, accuses the woman of double murder, after which the court sentences her to thirty years imprisonment. Having spent many decades in a prison, Dusilier is eventually free. Despite the terrible memories, she returns to the same house in which her husband and child were killed. Her main task is to understand what happened on that terrible night …



Day of the Animals

Day of the Animals 1977
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1977
Director of the movie : William Girdler
The destruction of the ozone layer adversely affected the behavior of animals living at an altitude of five thousand feet. This becomes an unpleasant discovery for a group of tourists who were taken to the mountains by a helicopter before the quarantine was declared. Animals become aggressive and begin to attack people. To stay alive, travelers have to fight with distraught fauna … This movie of William Girdler in our list of best horror movies on amazon prime has become the favorite for many people all over the world.



 The Woman in Black

 The Woman in Black 2012
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2012
Director of the movie: James Watkins
The events
ща the film will take us to the very end of the XIX century, in the era of revolutionary discoveries in mechanics and engineering. Arthur Kipps lives in London, he is a promising young lawyer. In the light of his new assignment, he has to leave his four-year-old son for a while. His trip will lead him to a northern village where the owner of the Il Marsh estate recently died, and now the young man needs to make a register of the documents remaining after him. Reaching the place, Arthur first talked with the locals and then went to the estate. But the more he learned about what has happened in the village, the more mysterious the environment became for him. And when he passed by the cemetery and met a strange woman in black, it gave a rise to a series of horrific murders of local residents.




The Little Shop of Horrors

The Little Shop of Horrors 1960
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1960
Director of the movie: Roger Corman
Seymour Krelborn is a real loser and a bungler working in a flower shop. Once he finds a very unusual flower and brings it to the work. The most interesting and strange thing is that this plant does not require watering and sun rays, it does not need care at all. This flower needs meat and human blood, only these components can provide it with life. The flower attracts visitors with its exoticism, thus luring new victims for itself. Seymour now has to closely monitor this plant, because it can do a lot of trouble. However, this is not as simple as it might seem at the first glance …




Hannibal 2001
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2001
Director of the movie: Ridley Scott 
Ten years have passed since the death of the serial killer James Gamb and the escape of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Clarissa Starling is now an FBI agent. Clarissa’s next assignment is the operation to capture the drug laboratory and the arrest its head – Evelid Drumgo. Meanwhile, in Florence, Inspector Pazzi is investigating the mysterious disappearance of the library superintendent and getting to know Dr. Fell, who took this post. Soon he realizes that Fell is the most dangerous criminal Hannibal Lecter. Starling finds out about Pazzi’s investigation and tries to warn him that it’s dangerous to talk with Hannibal Lecter. But the inspector does not listen to her and eventually dies. After a while, Lecter arrives in the US, where he immediately starts hunting…




Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Killer Klowns From Outer Space 1988
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Year: 1988
Director of the movie: The Chiodo Brothers
Curiosity immediately absorbed them… It became interesting for beloved couple to look at the meteorite. Mike and Debbie quickly came it to the right place. The couple was surprised that they did not find any meteorite there. The only thing that caught their eye, was a huge number of bright lights that surrounded the usual circus tent. The main characters looked inside the tent. There they saw pink cotton wool, inside of which bodies of people were. For clown-aliens they are the most refined treat. A beloved couple manages to escape from maniacs. They immediately go to the police station to tell about what they saw. What will happen next and who is going to believe them?





Thankskilling 2008
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Year: 2008
Director of the movie: Jordan Downey
The 17th century brought a Thanksgiving Day to America – a feast of family eating turkey. But at the same time a terrible thing happened: an Indian shaman cursed the pale-faced invaders, setting a demonic turkey on them. Since then, once in several hundred years, the turkey-killer is returning to punish the Americans for old sins on Thanksgiving Day. This is probably one of the strangest movies in our list of best horror movies on amazon prime which deserves your attention.




The Monster

The Monster 2016
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Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Bryan Bertino

Cathy is the main heroine and she’s far from the ideal mother. But, once the woman found the strength to begin the new life. Cathy began to drink less and to visit Lizzy, her ten-year-old daughter more often. Once Cathy and her daughter was returning home on a forest road. Just for a moment, Cathy was distracted from the steering wheel and hit a huge wolf. The car was turned and crashed into a tree. Mother and daughter by a lucky chance remained unharmed. While the heroines are waiting for the tow truck, they decide to take a walk for a bit. But the trouble is that the forest is full of nightmarish creatures and unknown secrets. Suddenly, the wolf that they have hit by a car disappears, and behind him is there is no one who was supposed to help them. Someone terrible is watching in the blackness behind them. Who is it?