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Many of us like to get together and discuss how the day was or what's new has been read lately. We like talk with friends about new interesting books. After reading a good book you can even change your life. But in conversation we always go to the dead end, because everyone reads different books. Everyone knows about the Amazon list which is updated hourly. We did a very great job, went through a list of more than 50 Amazon bestsellers in order to provide you with the 10 most popular books at a wide variety of topics. Each of these books will not leave anyone indifferent, while incredibly interesting and exciting stories together with new storylines will conquer your heart. When you are reading these books you go to stories that take you into another world and live the lives of the heroes from the books.

You can be sure that after reading books from this list you will always find a person with whom you can discuss them.

A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove A Novel Author Fredrik Backman

Now it has become fashionable to evaluate a person not by his business, but according to words.

The more someone speaks, the more he gets closer to us. It seems like it's important, but in hard times words will not help much. If you know how to chat and fascinate - you are in a trend, if you do not know how - then «I'm sorry, I probably will not love you». The protagonist Ove is a man with an unbearable character, a classic misanthrope. At least, people who are not familiar with him, see him that way. Why? Yes, because Ove thinks if a person is a fool, then he should not pretend that he is smart. If a person is a loafer, it is better for him to look at Ove’s eyes. Everyone has forgotten about what is work, conscience and permanence. But this elderly grumbler is one of the few who tries to live in a justice. He teaches fools how to do it right. Helps the inept workers do the work. And always comes to help. He even had to shelter a homeless cat, although Ove did not want to take care of it. The author of the book conveyed a lot of emotions in the lines of the text. Be ready to feel completely different emotions while reading a book.


Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy Author J.D. Vance

The book "Hillbilly Elegy" is written about the villager or rather about the so-called villagers in the United States. The main character of the book was born into a poor family with strange traditions. The author showed in the book that all the life difficulties and the human great desire to live. The author has perfectly shown that a person with any upbringing can achieve all of his goals. The poor upbringing of the protagonist did not stop him from becoming a student at the Yale Law School. The book “Hillbilly Elegy” ("Village Elegy") provides an understanding of the complex cultural and family problems of people below the poverty line. The book overwhelms the reader, describing the of the inhabitants of the countryside in the Appalachian Mountains. Of course all the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains can’t be explained in words, but the author J.D. Vance did it perfectly. While reading a book you feel like a real resident of one of the villages.


The Hidden Life of Trees

The Hidden Life of Trees What They Feel How They Communicate—Discoveries from a Secret World Author Peter Wohlleben.

Investigators say: «Each forest is a one of the biggest part of the social world». In their opinion, trees have families and live like people. In the book, the writer showed and described the whole essence of the forests’ existence. Innovative scientific discoveries have enabled the author to look on trees as on a family of social people. Author showed their structure and life cycle. Parents trees live together with their children giving them their life-giving juice and protecting them from diseases. Peter Wohlleben showed his great love to the forest, explained and showed the processes of life, death and rebirth. The whole book is written with the great love of the author to the forest. This book leaves an unforgettable impression in the soul of every reader.


Exit West

Exit West A Novel Author Mohsin Hamid

This book is written for those who want to love and be loved. Story that is described in the novel is about two loving hearts. In this book you will find elements of fantastic. Two people making their way through a fictional war are looking for an English-speaking world that will lead them to a great future. "Exit West" is a book about wartime, as well as about a wonderful love story. The main characters making their way through the checkpoints, bombs, explosions and war find a secret door and pass through it. What will happen next? The author of this bestseller wants to show the most important thing in human life, borders do not exist and love does not always win, but sometimes the only thing people have is love. This is one of the most beautiful and at the same time very strange love stories.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life Author Mark Manson

Author presented this book as one of the best books for self-development. And main sense is not in the obscene word contained in the title. It's all in honesty, with which the author presents his main ideas. According to the author, the whole book is written to help yourself. You should not be embarrassed by the title of the book - it's not about total indifference. The author encourages just to be more indifferent to what you choose. For this he proposes to use good values in order to separate something really valuable from the fleeting one. Author showed in an extremely easy form the examples of bad and good values. This book is ideal for those people who want “to clean” their brain and change their life views. When you are reading this book you will not be able to stop until the end.


One of the Boys

One of the Boys A Novel  Author Daniel Magariel

The story of the book describes a father and two sons. These three brave warriors are going through a terrible war time, when each of them can die at any moment. The whole book is filled with emotions of the main character, both positive and negative. All of them came back from the war as winners. It was a very bad post military time for the father and his sons. Therefore, they do not lose heart and decide to leave their homeland in Albuquerque. They are starting to rebuild their life, forgetting about the terrible past they had.


The Stranger in the Woods

The Stranger in the Woods The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit Author Michael Finkel

The story of this book begins with a small 12-year-old boy, who escapes from home for some reasons. He moves to the state of Men and disappears in the forest. He used his mind and skills to store food and water for survival. He learned to survive even in the coldest winters and to keep warm in the severe frosts. Boy have never talked to a man, until 30 years later he was caught for stealing food. The book is impregnated with a great craving for life, craving that a person from a big city will never even understand. This is an interesting and exciting story of one person's life. The protagonist lives the wonderful and unique life by his own and definitely succeeds in it.


Option B

Option B Facing Adversity Building Resilience and Finding Joy Authors Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

This book describes the story of one family, which lost their father and husband. The great mourning began in a family. Hearts of the whole family were filled with sorrow and sadness. How to get away from this loss the main character does not know. At one moment of Cheryl’s life her friend, psychologist Adam Grant, tells her about a technique by which she can forget about the terrible things that happened in her life. Psychologist claims that with the help of concrete steps, she will be able to leave this painful feeling far behind. And it becomes real. Tt some point of her life, the main character of «Variant B», Cheryl, goes beyond the scope of her loss. The book describes all steps that are necessary to start a new stage of your life and believe in yourself again.


You Are a Badass

You Are a Badass How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life Author Jen Sincero

This book will open your eyes to the world of earnings and opportunities. It will unlock your potential and give you a new strength to reach the top. The book consists of 27 chapters in which different stories are written from the smallest to the largest ones. These stories are collected from different people who tell about you their life experience. The book will help you to change your life and stop doubting in your strengths. The book will give you the opportunity to understand what you want and whether you need it for your life. The author has shown in his book that it is necessary to love yourself, to set more and more goals and gradually reach them. After reading this book you will understand how to accept what you can’t change, and how to change what you can.


Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey Author Rupi Kaur

The book 'Milk and Honey' will not leave anyone indifferent. This book will become an excellent choice for reading by both girls and guys. From the first lines of the book, the reader will see that book is saturated with a great life experience, an atmosphere of love and femininity. The whole book is divided into 4 chapters, each of which is completely different. Each chapter is universal and awakens the good and sincere feelings in the reader’s heart. The four chapters show the different stages of the writer's life: "pain," "love," "distance," "resurrection." The book will carry you through your entire life, will recall the bad and good moments of your life. When reading 'Milk and Honey' you will see a lot of meaningful and important phrases. The book is full of citations which will help you to immerse in this unique atmosphere and feel all the emotions by yourself. Read and enjoy this book, get the most pleasure and find out more for yourself.