Best Ten Nespresso Machines or Technological Miracle in your Kitchen
10 TOP Latte Machines for Coffee Lovers

All coffee fans know that one cup of the good coffee can make even the worst day much better. Whether in the morning, or at the lunch, you make the first sip of your coffee and feel how the energy and good mood fill you and all problems go away. Amazing, isn’t it? The one and only problem that always occurs with the good, I repeat, really LUXURIOUS coffee, is its price. It is obvious that the cup of really delicious latte, macchiato or cappuccino worth quite high price, but nevertheless it will be much better to combine an affordable price and first-class quality together. The simplest way to do this is to purchase the coffee machine, thus providing yourself with opportunity to make coffee, in quality of which you are completely sure, whenever you want it. The next question occurs, which one of coffee machines pretends to be the best one? All coffee lovers know that the main secret of delicious Americano, latte or macchiato is in the one constituent – espresso that is an integral part of each of them. In the current article we collected the best 10 espresso machines with the ideal combination of quality and price. But before we want to pay your attention on some main functions while choosing.

Machine uses Coffee Grounds. There are types of the espresso machines that use ESE pods and types that us ground coffee, in the current list of possible options for you both types are included. Take into account that the using of grounds will cause a bit more cleanup. Also you can do all the work and grind your coffee beans by yourself and after that put them into the shot filter.

Machine uses Coffee Pods. Some of the famous espresso-making machines brands, such as Nespresso, for example have created their special unique line of ESE pods, or as they also can be called -espresso pods. ESE pods will perfectly suit people who are the keens of espresso pods but they are quite lazy or busy to spend a lot of time by making fast and tasty espresso.

Machine uses Milk Frother. As it is obvious from the name, the main goal of milk frothers is to steaming, foaming and heating milk in order to make the topnotch cappuccino and latte. Even the very low-priced budget options of espresso machines are equipped with the milk frothers, while the best representatives of espresso machines have the milk frothing wand that “on board”.

Pressure level. The best representatives of espresso machines push hot water through the ground coffee using the pressure equal to several “bar”, where one ‘bar’ is the pressure of our atmosphere. Most often pressure of nine bar is used for making good coffee. While choosing the espresso machine pay your attention on this value and don’t forget that premium-class coffee like a diamond requires some pressure to show its beauty.

Capacity of Tank with Water. This value of special water tank capacity is important in the case when you don’t want to refill the water reservoir almost every time when you decided to pumper yourself with the cup of espresso. So, in this case ‘bigger’ means ‘better’. But on the other hand, if your kitchen or desk at the office requires the compact-size espresso machine, it will be more reasonable to choose water tank with the smaller capacity.

Dimensions. Probably, one of the most decisive characteristics. Prior to purchasing of the new espresso machine you should check how much free space you can allocate for it. Whether you should search a small option for your table at the work or you can afford a larger option for your whole family? A large range of available sizes of available espresso-makers options allow you choosing the most appropriate option according to the size of space that you can give for your new coffee friend.

Ten TOP Espresso Machines for Magic Moments

Now we are ready to start our competition. In this list of ten top espresso makers for magic moments we collected only the best options with different price tags, characteristics and sizes, so our team thinks that you will definitely find the most suitable option for you among these representatives. The winner in this list is obvious because of its high-end characteristics, but at the same time its price is quite high to match the premium quality. If you are aimed on the option that will not make your budget suffering, we recommend paying your attention on the good budget options that are also presented here. All of the presented machines for espresso in this list are different, but they have one thing in common – they will make for you cup of the superfine coffee. Let’s start!

The brand Breville and especially its representative the Breville BES870XL is the undoubted king in the espresso machines’ world. Using this premium-class machine you are able to pumper yourself with the luxurious espresso during many years. Highest quality and new technologies are implemented in the current option for espresso making. The water tank can be filled with two liters and is equipped with the convenient handle for easy removing.

The newest Italian system uses pressure level equal to fifteen bar can please you with fast and delicious espresso. The stylish design of this machine will make it the queen at your kitchen and thanks to the silver color will suit to any color and design of the kitchen furniture. We are sure that you will get much more guests visiting you “for the cup of coffee” after purchasing this guy. Thanks to the reliable manufacturer with the proven by the years quality you will be able to enjoy this model during long time period.

Using the integrated frothing jug you can make the frother wand and milk steamer working simultaneously in order to add perfect taste and foam to your favorite kind of coffee. Current model is extremely simple in using and will be the perfect option either for beginners or for real coffee-specialists. Current option allows users choosing different volumes and program the various amount of beans for hopper to be grinded. Royal life together with royal quality, this will be achieved by using the Breville BES870XL.

Number three in our list of best espresso machines is the Mr. Coffee ECM160. This option is the best representative of cheap and at the same time qualitative espresso machines available in the world market nowadays. This machine is equipped with the pressure level of three bar and is steam-driven. This type of espresso machines is very good for lattes and cappuccinos. The portable size and stylish design of this guy will make you fall in love with it after first several days of using. Durable materials and popular manufacturer are among main proc of the current model. The glass carafe that is built in this machine can provide you with the four shots of coffee. The durable stationary milk frothing arm that can be used for steaming milk and releasing steam pressure is also here. The question “should I buy this model? What advantages will I get?” is ridiculous in this case, because the Mr. Coffee ECM160 is the best combination of affordable price and all necessary features with the high quality. With this machine all your dreams about delicious latte and cappuccino will come true and you will not become a bankrupt after purchasing it. With the ability to make four portions of coffee shots at one time this machine can be the perfect option for a company of several people to make a perfect pause for coffee at work.

With such world known brand as De’Longhi you will never be disappointed with the quality and durability. Steamer wand and milk frother are built in this espresso machine while the spacious water tank and pressure level of 15 bar complement the ideal picture of this machine. This machine can be easily cleaned between several uses thanks to the removable water tank and drip tray. The De’Longhi EC155 espresso machine provide users with both ESE coffee pods and coffee grouds thus being perfect option for people who prefer the fast and convenient using of coffee pods and for people who like to fill the basket of the espresso machine by their own. Compact size and stylish design will also please you. Made in black and silver colors this model will perfectly suit to any design of your furniture at the kitchen. Insertions from the stainless steel add cool look and make the cleaning of this option very fast and simple. If you want to purchase durable espresso machine with all necessary features and high quality, De’Longhi EC155 espresso machine can be a very good option for you.

With this option from the Mr. Coffee manufacturer you can make up to seven cups of coffee at one time. The size of this espresso machine is larger than pervious options have, but unlike them, the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 has a special reservoir for frothing and heating the milk. You can also make double shots of espresso with special filters that come with this espresso machine. The drip tray of the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 is removable, so you can use coffee mugs as well as demitasse. Steamer and automatic milk frother are also included in this espresso machine. Minimalistic design with several buttons is modern and stylish. This guy will be the wonderful and at the same time useful accessory to your kitchen.
With the pressure level of 15 bar you will get the finest espresso without any efforts. Being very simple in using and stylish this espresso machine is one of the best budget options available nowadays. It definitely will not leave you indifferent.

This option is comparably cheap, but not the most budget option. The price of the Hamilton Beach 40792 is fully justified by its high-end features. Among main advantages of this espresso machine you will find water tank with the capacity of five cups, removable drip tray and steam wand together with milk frother to joy with fancy beverages. Moreover you will be pleased with Slide and Lock system for filter, which means that your filter will be locked into place after its correct positioning. Black luxurious design of this model is very unique and minimalistic. Being made of first-class materials this model will serve you for the many years. If you are still in doubt, just read reviews from users and you will understand that this is much more than just technique, it will become your lifestyle.
This powerful and at the same time quiet espresso machine allow you to use either ESE pods or coffee grounds for your perfect morning coffee. Small size of the Hamilton Beach 40792 together with the powerful Italian pump with the pressure level of 15 bar finalizes the list of high-end features of this espresso machine thereby making it one of the best choices with the reasonable price and qualitative features.

Next option in our list has some distinctive characteristics that singled this espresso machine from the crowd of all other options. The first thing that catches the eye is the design of the Delonghi EC680M DEDICA espresso machine. This stylish stainless steel machine with the modern minimalistic design will perfectly fit to every kitchen. With this machine you can make double shots as well as single by just pushing the button. What about design of this option? It is the very decisive factor when choosing. Here you will get modern stainless steel design with some buttons that perfectly suit to its minimalistic look. Good choice for every family, because it will suit each place where you will put it.
The Delonghi EC680M DEDICA espresso machine is also equipped with the wand for steaming and frothing milk or for producing hot milk for your favorite Americano or tea. One more distinctive feature of this machine is its standby mode that is turned on in a case when you forgot to turn the machine off. This feature is very useful as it can help to save the power. Also this machine can boast of the fast brewing. You can get your coffee in forty seconds that is also very useful feature for people who are always in a hurry. The newest technologies and modern design are implemented in this espresso machine that makes it very popular among users.

This option from the world famous manufacturer will please users with the unique ability to make two different drinks simultaneously. You can also use either ESE pods or coffee grounds for brewing. Milk frother is built in the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker for making the finest latte and cappuccino by heating and steaming milk after the brewing process. The size of you mugs for coffee is not important, you can use tall coffee mugs as well as small ones because of the ability to remove drip tray of this espresso machine. Classic black design with the stylish silver inserts adds luxury to the current model and several buttons and indicators are situates exactly where they should be, without breaking the ideal style of this model.

The water tank of this espresso machine has a capacity of five cups and you can also add water even during the brewing process if you need it. Simple in using and at the same time being equipped with the new technologies this espresso machine can become a real bargain that will serve you properly during many years.

Next participant in our list is the BELLA Personal Espresso Maker is a perfect option for coffee lovers that are always busy and don’t have enough time for coffee. With this machine you can use only coffee grounds.This espresso machine works very fast and can make up to four portions of espresso at a heat with the special glass carafe that is included. This carafe has the lines for easy measuring the necessary level of the water. Espresso machine from the BELLA manufacturer is a budget option but at the same time it is equipped with all features that you need. It has a built in wand for steaming and milk frothing. Being almost completely black this option will make you feel like the professional barista when making your beverages. Comparably small portable size makes it suitable for any place at the kitchen on in office.

The pressure level of this machine is five bar that is not as high as high-end options have but it is enough to make a cup of really good coffee. Small, qualitative and with the affordable price, this machine can become the best friend for people who appreciate their time and don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing coffee.

This option from the De’Longhi manufacturer will turn you into the real barista in one minute. The main distinctive feature of the De’Longhi ECP3420 is that you can decide how strong your espresso will be by regulating the time of espresso dripping. Thus you can make your espresso weaker or stronger depending on your preferences and tastes. The design of this coffee-queen is similar to all high-end machines and is decorated in black and silver colors with the stainless steel details. Nothing extra, only necessary buttons and lever for different model that ideally fit to its look.

Among other characteristics of this espresso machine you will find ability to use both ESE pods and coffee grounds, water tank with the capacity of 4.6 cups, and the pressure level equal to 15 bar. The size of this espresso machine is comparably small and you can also remove the drip tray for using either coffee mug or demitasse. The De’Longhi ECP3420 espresso machine also allows making two different cups at one time. Comparably low price and high-quality features are the main features of this espresso machine.

The next option in our list is the Nespresso Inissia espresso machine. This coffee machine will be the perfect option for people who are always in rush, because of using coffee pods instead of grounds. In this case the time for making a cup of coffee is much shorter, so you can quickly full yourself with the cup of ‘pure energy’ i.e espresso and continue your work. The level of pressure is equal to nineteen bar that is much higher than minimal level of nine bar. Being completely black like the premium-class coffee this model will add style to each place where you will put it and will become one of the most important “citizens” of your kitchen. First-class durable materials that were used for making this product will not make you regret about this purchase.

The main advantage of this espresso machine is it size. If the space to put your new coffee machine is a real problem for you, then this option is the perfect candidate. You can easily put this espresso machine on the office table or small room at the dormitory. The one and only disadvantage of this machine is its lack of the milk frother. Nespresso machine will provide you with recyclable capsules and comes with the sixteen capsules for a start.