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All cinema addicts, come here and sit closer because we have the priceless information for you! In the current article we have prepared a list of 25 best movies on amazon prime. Most of these movies were created one or two years ago, so most probably you have not seen them yet. We decided not to stop on a certain genre, so here you will be able to choose between drama and fantastic films, or between thrillers and action movies. Or maybe today you prefer comedies? Everything depends on your mood. The one thing we know for sure that here you will be able to find movie which suits your mood and doesn’t disappoint you. If you want to watch only first-class movies which really worth your time and attention, and don’t want to be disappointed, check our list of best movies on amazon prime. You have twenty-five opportunities to interestingly spend the evening with your friends or alone!

Meet the 25 best movies on amazon prime in recent years:

Stories We Tell 

Stories We Tell  2013
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2013
Director of the movie: Sarah Polley
Detective, love story and family saga are organically intertwined in the film directed by Sarah Polley, who became a real tribute to her mother and at the same time a hard experiment on the family.

When Sarah was 11, her mother died. For loved ones it was no secret that before the birth of her daughter Diana had aa affair and that the girl’s father was probably not Michael, with whom Diana was legally married.

The film is based on the story of Michael Polley about his wife Diana, the mother of a large family. Michael reads his text off-screen, Sarah occasionally asks him to repeat one phrase or another. Sara’s brothers and sisters invade the story, supplement and change it. Friends, acquaintances and distant relatives appear on the screen. Sincere movie which will not leave you indifferent after watching.




Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation 

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation  2015
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2015
Director of the movie: Christopher McQuarrie
Ethan Hunt is the best agent of the secret government organization “Mission”, who has often come out of the most difficult and dangerous situations. For several years he and his colleagues tried to destroy the secret organization “Syndicate”, highly specialized members of which for many years are hunting for employees of the “Mission”. Each time, as soon as they were close to the target, their enemy managed to escape. Since all their efforts ended with nothing, the government came to the conclusion that the organization “Syndicate” simply does not exist, which means that there is no need in the “Mission”. They decide to close the secret organization, only Ethan managed to find traces leading to the “Syndicate”, and so his team is waiting for a new mission, the most dangerous of all possible …





Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 
This movie is available on: Amazon
Director of the movie:  Steven Spielberg
This movie was not created in recent years but we simply couldn’t skip it and do not include in the list. This is a legendary movie which will be the perfect choice for evening.

Fearless adventurer Indiana Jones recovers in a new adventure. He must find the most mysterious relic in the history of mankind. Jones must find the cup from which Jesus Christ himself was drinking – the Holy Grail. In this search father helps the doctor, who is also desperate and reckless professor. Under the watchful eye of his father and in the company of loyal talismans, hats and a whip, Jones will perform noble feats and discoveries. In the new wanderings the protagonist will not only be able to hold the cup, but also get an autograph from Adolf Hitler himself …





Ten  2002
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2002
Director of the movie: Abbas Kiarostami
The film “Ten” of joint production of France and Iran became the nominee of the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, and now you can watch it online. The picture consists of ten small novels, taken in the cabin of one car. The main heroine without a name, which even on the list of characters is listed as “Driver” is moving in an unknown direction. It would seem that anyone isn’t interested in an hour and a half to watch the same salon? But the director came up with an interesting trick: the different characters sit into the car to the girl. Among them are her relatives and just random fellow travelers. While the car is moving forward, the characters are conducting conversations in which the burning issues of contemporary Iran are touched upon. Basically, this is the talk about the position of representatives of the weaker sex in Iranian society. Western culture is slowly conquering the country, women are beginning to feel freedom, but the old ways and customs are still strong, which generates certain social conflicts.





Arrival  2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Denis Villeneuve
Dr. Lucy Banks teaches linguistics at a prestigious university. She is perhaps the best translation specialist, and that’s why the representatives of the special services ask her for help. However, the woman does not even suspect what she has to translate. Several alien ships arrived on our planet, and no one knows what is behind their visit. The aliens come into contact with people, and Lucy tries to learn how to communicate with them. Gradually, in the process of studying an unknown language, a series of flashbacks begins to happen with her, so she learns the secret with which the arrival of the alien race is connected … Very mysterious and exciting movie which is a great representative of the best movies on amazon prime.




Men & Chicken 

Men & Chicken  2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Anders Thomas Jensen
Gabriel and Elias are brothers, but very different. The first one is an exhausted professor who wrote a book about the sense of life, and the second one is obsessed with women, but never enjoys popularity with them, so he is often content with himself. One day the father of the brothers dies. He left a video cassette from which they learn the shocking truth – they are not siblings, they have different mothers, and their real father lives nearby. Together with Elias Gabriel goes in search of him and soon meet the other brothers – Franz, Josef and Gregor, who live in the estate, and their father is always asleep. The homestead is full of mysteries, and the brothers have to learn a very unpleasant truth …




Dark Days 

Dark Days  2000 This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2000
Director of the movie: Marc Singer
A documentary film dedicated to the homeless New Yorkers living in underground tunnels near the Penn Station. Mark Singer goes down there and lives in the midst of about twelve local residents. We will learn the stories of their lives: the horrors of childhood, prison, the loss of children and loved ones, drug addiction. They live in homemade shacks where they keep pets, cook, talk, argue, cut their hair themselves. The bucket is used as a toilet, and the leaking pipes hanging over them are used as a plumbing. They live in almost absolute darkness. While filming takes place, the National Railway Company sends notification of eviction … they have 30 days left…




Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

Abacus: Small Enough to Jail 2017
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2017
Director of the movie: Steve James
Abakus, a small financial institution, becomes the only company charged with a criminal offense in connection with the financial crisis of 2008. The trial will last 5 years, during which the owners will defend their innocence. Very interesting movie which has become popular rapidly and is the favorite movie for many people today. Film occupies the eights place in the list of best movies on amazon and definitely worth your attention.





Monster 2004
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2004
Director of the movie: Patty Jenkins
Wherever you happen to watch online the charming Charlize Theron, she always looks stunning everywhere. However, for the biographical drama “Monster”, she was so disgusting that the members of the film academy got a little taken aback and in a state of affect awarded actress with Oscar for the best female role.

The film tells about how the prostitute Eileen descended to such a life and what led her to the path of violence. The senseless existence of this woman once was illuminated with hope, when she met a nice little Selby, who was also thrown out on the side of the society. The suppressed lesbian feelings finally break out, forcing Selby and Eileen to get closer. Soon, Warnos kills her first victim, who allowed himself to dissolve his hands. Meanwhile, finally relaxed Selby turns into a real dependency, demanding from Eileen total protection.





Room 2015
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2015
Director of the movie: Lenny Abrahamson
Joy Newman is a young girl who grew up in a family of caring and loving parents. She never denied herself anything and never thought about how much freedom means to a person. But one day she had to face real horror after she was abducted by a man named Nick. Now she only has a five-year-old son, Jack, born from a kidnapper, and a small room in which they are imprisoned. In his short life Jack never left the room and does not even know about the existence of another world. One day the girl still manages to escape from Nick, but this is only the beginning of a difficult test, which was prepared for them by freedom … Occupying the tenth place this movie is a great representative of the best movies on amazon prime.




 The Witch

The Witch 2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Robert Eggers
The movie tells about a family that lives in 1630. Because of certain circumstances, they had to leave their former habitation and move to another city. Their new home was a large estate in New England, where the family was going to live in a new and much happier way. In an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, it was a terrible shock for the family to survive the loss of the newborn’s youngest son. He disappeared from the estate, and none of the family saw where the child had gone. Moreover, this family catastrophe was replaced by another, because the harvest, on which they had high hopes, was completely lost and now there is no way to feed other children.

Everything in the family goes wrong: a goat gives blood instead of milk, the children seem to become obsessed. Once, walking in the woods, the spouses saw a hut in the distance, and for some reason, immediately decided that all their troubles are directly related with the owner of this house in the forest…





Society 1989
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1989
Director of the movie: Brian Yuzna
Bill is a pretty wealthy guy, he has everything about which many of us just dream. He has no problems with money, cars, girls, parents who love him. But for a long time something has not given him rest. The society in which he lives seems strange to him: these sounds at night, as if someone is lying in slime and champing, half-mum and slanting looks, and this all comes from Bill’s environment, which should be his own and as honest as possible. Somehow he decides to find out what really lies behind these oddities …

It turns out that all the rich people he knows and not only they, all members of rich societies eat other people, they are mutants. These creatures start orgies in which they tear innocent victims and in one of such orgies he will participate…





Anomalisa 2015
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2015
Director of the movie: Charlie Kaufman
Michael Stone is a writer who can’t find a common language with people, despite the fact that he is the author of books on customer service that help employees of many companies in their work. To tell the truth, he simply does not want to do this, because he believes that all people just pretend, putting on their masks and never talking about important things that they really think about. He lives in his own world, preferring a company of himself. But once a regular business trip completely changes his attitude towards people. This happens after getting to know a lovely woman named Lisa, who surprises Michael with her simplicity. She is perfect and is not similar to other people and is a kind of anomaly for Stone…




Behind the Candelabra

Behind the Candelabra 2013
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2013
Director of the movie: Steven Soderbergh 
The events taking place in the film are based on real facts from the life of Vladzyu Valentino Liberac, and refer to the seventies of the twentieth century. In the 1950s, Liberace became a famous and very popular artist, his fees were envied by Hollywood stars, and his scandalous reputation made him a desirable figure on numerous shows. Liberace amazed the audience with his embroidered sequins dresses, magnificent costumes with feathers and pearls, bright fabrics and unusual hairstyles, but his main passion was young men. Vladzyu led a rather dissolute life, until in the seventies he met a simple animal trainer Scott Torson. Their affair shocked the whole world of show business and attracted increased attention to them, complicating already not simple relationships.




City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts 2017
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2017
Director of the movie: Matthew Heineman
There are many armed conflicts on our planet. The territories covered by fiery confrontations are turning into the arena of death. However, in such places you can meet not only the military, but also the reporters, trying to get to the truth and give ordinary people all the truthful information about one or another situation. Governments often hide certain facts from civilians and the task of brave journalists is to open our eyes to what is happening. The documentary film which occupies the fifteenth position among best movies on amazon prime tells about the Syrian civil-journalistic collective “RBSS” Members of this organization are trying to do everything possible to expose the violation of human rights by the Islamic state …




Green Room

Green Room
This movie is available on: Amazon
Director of the movie: Jeremy Saulnier
A punk band of four rockers travels from state to state in search of fans and permanent earnings. One day the group received an interesting offer from skinheads to perform on their party, having received a good salary for the performance of several songs. Everything was great, until they became witnesses to the murder that occurred in the dressing room with bright green walls. Now the group is in danger, because they pose a threat to the killer. The doors of the green room are closed, and now everyone must fight for himself. Young people are planning to escape, but intruders are foreseeing their plans. Skinheads are going to severely deal with the musicians, but they want to first mock the unfortunate, forcing them to survive a few terrible and stressful hours. The fate of the prisoners of the green room is predetermined, and no one can come to their aid …




The Fits

The Fits 2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Anna Rose Holmer
Tony is a teenage girl who has always led an active lifestyle. One day she saw several girls studying a dance, after which they decided to enroll in them for a section. She had a good sense of rhythm, and she quickly began to make progress, which she crazily like. Now Tony can’t live without dancing, but soon she begins to notice strange things: many girls often faint, and some of them have fits of sudden hysteria. The young dancer decides to understand what is happening in the dance section and why the girls are experiencing such problems. Will she be able to find answers to many questions? …





 Creed 2015
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2015
Director of the movie: Ryan Coogler
The plot of the film tells about the son of the former world champion in boxing Apollo Creed, who at one time became the first serious rival of Rocky Balboa in the ring. At that time, they had two fights, after which Apollo lost the championship title. But, years later, once rivals in the ring became best friends and supported each other in difficult times. Creed, Jr. to some extent manifested talent of his father, and he decides to dedicate his life to boxing. But to conquer the heights of professional sports, he needs to find a worthy coach, and Creed seeks help from an aged Rocky who is not too eager to return to old affairs, even as a mentor …




What We Do In the Shadows

What We Do In the Shadows 2015
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2015
Director of the movie: Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement
Viago, Deacon and Vladislav are three ancient vampires who are not just neighbors around the apartment, but also best friends. They have been living for several hundred years and adapt easily to any time epoch. However, every year, getting used to the modern world is becoming more difficult, as it is constantly progressing. From the equilibrium of friends, not only various technological things are deduced, but also a lot of small things of the present, such as: rent for housing and utilities, face control in nightclubs, which are not allowed without invitation, and fresh clean blood that does not contain alcohol and drugs …




 Swiss Army Man

 Swiss Army Man 2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Directors of the movie: Daniel Scheinert, Dan Kwan
By chance, Hank is on an uninhabited island. Having lost all hope of salvation, he is going to end his life, but at that moment he notices how the wave threw the corpse of a young guy ashore. He brings it to his cave, and soon begins to notice strange things that are more like hallucinations. So the corpse of an unknown guy, whom he gives the name of Manny, becomes his only friend on the island. He helps Hank to regain the joy of life and returns the hope of salvation. Using the multifunctionality of Manny, Robinson embarks on an epic journey that will bring him back to the dream girl …




Marjorie Prime

Marjorie Prime 2017
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2017
Director of the movie: Michael Almereyda
Eighty-six-year-old Marjorie is a former violinist who suffers from arthritis. A few years ago she buried her husband and can’t get used to the fact that he is no longer with her. That is why a hologram appeared in her house, like two drops of water, similar to the younger version of her beloved person. Now she is trying to lead a happy life in the company of the unreal spouse, daughter Tess and son-in-law Yon. While the girl is cautious about the latest technology, her husband is confident that there is a future behind it. Now the couple have to realize what they can do for Marjorie, who gradually begins to lose her memory. Nobody knows how much time is left, so they have to hurry…





 Demon 2016 This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Marcin Wrona
The main hero of the mystical movie Demon (2015) is ahead of a happy event that should change his life. Peter is going to marry and especially for this occasion comes from England to Poland, where the event will be held.

The future father-in-law presents a big house to the couple, where the protagonist of the story is going to equip a family nest. However, the plans do not come true, because from the very first day of acquaintance strange things happen with the estate – in the yard of the house he finds human remains. The first question that arises is how they appeared there, but it did not take long to think, because Peter lost consciousness. When he regains consciousness, it turns out that the remains have disappeared, but who could have wanted it?




Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep 2015
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2015
Directors of the movie: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak
An ordinary farmer does not even suspect that his animals are very unusual, especially sheep, who not only sleep and eat, but also have fun until the owner sees them. The leader of these sheep is the clever Sheep Shaun, who constantly comes up with new entertainments. Once again, the fun of farm animals is out of control, after which their owner is forced to travel to the city on his trailer. At this time, the sheep continue to enjoy freedom and have fun, but soon they begin to worry about the farmer who does not return home. Then, under the leadership of Shaun, the animals decide to go to the city to find their master …




The Blackcoat’s Daughter

The Blackcoat’s Daughter 2016

This movie is available on: Amazon
Director of the movie: Osgood Perkins
Far away from the civilized world in the snowy desert a boarding school is located, in which only girls are trained. The educational institution is located in this area not by chance, the main its purpose is do not let the joy of the outside world distract students from the study. Education in the boarding school is built in such a way that its graduates in the future become successful women. After completing the school year, the girls look forward to the holidays when they will go to their families. But only two pupils stay in the boarding school. Their parents didn’t come… Having become friends, they learn about the terrible danger that lurks within the walls of the educational institution …




The Neon Demon

The Neon Demon 2016
This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Nicolas Winding Refn
Jesse is a young girl who spent her whole life in a provincial town. She dreamed of leaving this place and making a model career. After graduating from school, she gathered her things and went to conquer Los Angeles. Despite the lack of money and necessary acquaintances, she manages to get into the fashion world, as she fascinates everyone with her beauty and innocence. Agents and photographers who have long been tired of the redecorated Californian “one face” dummies just can’t take their eyes off the provincial beauty. Her career is rising rapidly, and she quickly becomes a real supermodel. Realizing her dream and having received the long-awaited glory, Jesse could not even imagine what price she had to pay …