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The brand Keurig has already become one of the most well known if speak about coffee and especially about coffee machines. The machines made by this manufacturer please users with the affordable price, simple controlling and ability to make various coffee drinks by simply pressing the button. In this article we are going to tell you everything about the best representatives of Keurig’s products. Prior to the start we want you to know some basic features that you will find among the main characteristics of each coffee machine. Let’s go!

Machine’s Weight:
The machines made by Keurig differ by their weight. You may choose the light-weighted options (simpler ones) as well as the heavier ones (more elaborated). It’s up to you which one is better but pay your attention on this parameter if you want to move your coffee machine.

Machine’s Dimensions:
As well as the weight, the size of the coffee machines made by Keurig is different. You should take into account this parameter if you are limited in space in your kitchen. In such case the best way will be to choose more portable and simple option.

Machine’s Colors:
The color of the coffee machine is always important because it is not only an appliance, it can become a great and stylish accessory to your kitchen. Because of this fact Keurig manufacturer offers a great variety of different colors to choose from.

Auto-Off Regime:
The auto-off regime is a perfect feature for those who are always in a hurry and can forget to turn the coffee machine off. With such feature available your machine will turn off automatically after the finishing the brewing.

Time of Brewing:
Time in the morning is a magic thing, it is always not enough. Not to spend plenty of time for making a cup of fragrant coffee necessary to open your eyes and wake up we recommend you to choose the machines that offer the shortest time of brewing.

Size of Brewing:
This parameter is important and vary greatly dependence on whether you get used to make a coffee for the whole your family or just serve one cup for you. Note the brew size when choosing to pick the best option for you.

Ten Premium-Class Coffee-Machines from Keurig

Now we are ready for the review and are happy to show you the best options that our research team has picked from the Keurig products. We will present you the budget pick and top pick, but it will be at the end. Now we recommend you to relax and enjoy choosing! Let’s start!

The first model in our list is the perfect representative of Keurig production which will please you with the high-end features and stylish minimalistic design. This machine offers you to choose the desired brew size among 1.25, 1.0, 0.75 and 0.5 cups. The capacity of the water reservoir is equal to the eleven cups, so you don’t have to fill it every time you want to make a new cup of coffee. Among high-end technologies implemented here you will find the ability to adjust the desired temperature of brewing on the LCD touch screen, where you can also set the clock time and language. The tray of this machine can be removed allowing you to put larger cups. This option has the automatic turn-off feature, so you don’t have to worry that you forgot to turn it off when were in a hurry to work. The dimensions of the current option are comparably small, so you will be able to put it wherever you want, it will not take much space. A pleasant addition to this coffee machine is the pack of coffee pods. Speaking shortly, it is a perfect option for single-serving with topnotch characteristics.

The next option will surprise you with its high level of programmability. Unlike the previously mentioned machine this one can make up to 1.5 cup of coffee at one time. Speaking about programmability we want to pay your attention that you can set everything by your own, you can choose the desirable brew size, temperature of brew, strength of brew and even to set the time of brewing to wake up from the amazing coffee aroma and see that the cup of the freshest coffee is already waiting for you. All the settings can be adjusted with the color and large touch screen. The color is always important, so this option is available in red, pearl, or black colors to become a stylish accessory to your kitchen. If speaking about programmability and high-end technologies implemented, most probably this option will occupy one of the first places. If you are searching for the machine that can make exactly that coffee that you want, this option has been created for you.

Looking for your own barista at the kitchen? Here it is! This machine will make you the perfect coffee no worse than you will buy at the coffee shop. And note, that it will be absolutely free, fast and without the boring line of sleepy people dreaming of coffee. This option from Keurig has a milk carafe included, so you are able to make your espresso and froth milk at the same time. You are also able to choose from three different modes of frothing, such as Cold Froth, Latte or Cappuccino. Also you can choose among two types of espresso, you can choose either the single espresso or the double one. The pressure level of this machine is equal to the fifteen bar that allows making the superfine espresso in the shortest time period (less than one minute). The quality of the coffee made by this machine is the highest while the price tag is affordable, so if you are searching for the good and powerful coffee machine that will allow you making various coffee drinks-this model is definitely worth your attention!

Current option is one of the simple and budget options but with all characteristics necessary for the first-class coffee brewing. Comparably with the previously mentioned options this one may seems too simple and with limited characteristics but it can please you with the unique mug sensor that protects it from the spills thereby saving you from the cleaning it after each use. The brew size of this machine is one cup and the water reservoir has capacity of only one cup too, so you have to refill it each time when you want to make a new cup of coffee. The brewing time is equal to three minutes that is a bit more than the previous options have, but it’s still fast for good coffee brewing. Simple in using and cleaning this machine will be an ideal choice for those people who are limited in budget and have enough time in the morning. Good quality and the availability of the automatic-off regime are also among reasons to pay your attention on this model while choosing.

This option deserves the title of “the most stylish” one in our list. With the soigné and modern design it will decorate every kitchen regardless of the chosen color. Speaking about colors, you are able to choose the best one for you among white, turquoise, pearl, red or classic black colors. Each of them looks perfect, so this choice will not be simple. The size of brewing varies from the 1.25 cups to 0.5 cups which gives you the ability to choose the desired one. The capacity of this coffee machine’s water reservoir is equal to the five cups, so you can brew some cups of coffee without filling it again and again. Here you will also find the included touch screen for adjusting the desired strength of the brew. This option is also easy to clean thanks to the removable drip tray. Being very convenient to use and incredibly stylish, together with the world-known brand and high quality this coffee machine is the dream of each coffee lover.

One more coloful option in our list that will please you with the bright design and modern technologies implemented. Thanks to the small portable size you can put this option wherever you want without having a problem of free space. But such small size has inconveniences too, because of it you will be able to pour only about a cup of water into the water reservoir. The brew size of this machine can be chosen between 1.25, 1.0 and 0.75 cups options. As it was mentioned above this model is popular because of its bright design, take into account that you are able to choose the best color for you among black, blue, platinum, jade or red options available. With such variety of colors you can choose the most suitable one for your kitchen’s design without any problems. One more great feature of this coffee machine is its automatic-off feature, thanks to which your machine will be turned off automatically in 90 seconds after finishing brewing.

If you are ready for purchasing really premium-class coffee machine made by Keurig, then it is time to stop your searchings on this option. Everything in this model starting from its design is luxury and first-class. Thanks to the large size of this coffee machine you will be able to pour up to ten cups of water into the water reservoir. Also you can choose the desired temerature and strength of each brewing, that can be very useful when you exactly know what beverage you want and how it will be better to make it. This option is available only in one color. Guess which? Of course in luxurious platinum which reminds about the premium class and topnotch characteristics of this machine. Speaking about brewing size it can vary from 1.5 cups to 0.5 cups, but note that if you have the Keurig Carafe, it can be increased to 2.75 cups or even to 3.75 cups. Fantastic luxurious options which will definitely please you with its firstclass features.

We can’t believe that this topnotch option is a budget pick, but it is! Let’s consider its characteristics more deeply and you will not want to search for something else! This machine gives you an ability to adjust the temperature and strength of brewing by yourself, while the brew size can vary from 0.5 cups to 1.5 cups. Note that the brew size can be increased by purchasing the additional carafe (also made by Keurig) which allows you to brew up to 3.75 cups of coffee at once. Current option is available in three beatiful colors. You can choose it in red, pearl or traditional black colors to make it not only the appliance, but also the wonderful accessory for your kitchen. One feature that we like in this machine (except the price of course) is its ability of automatic brewing. It means tgat you can set the brewing time and the cup of freshest coffee will wake you up in the morning with its amazing aroma. Excellent option for such price tag. We highly recommend it for purchasing!

This option was created for people who need a portabke small option with the high quality and modern features. This model will please you with the brew size equal to either 0.75, 1.0, or 1.25 cups of first-class coffee. Ths good thing is that yoy can use even larger cups by simply removing the drip tray. It allows you to use even five inches- height cups. Thanks to the portable size of this machine you can not put it in any place in your kitchen but also take it with you wherwver you want (camping, traveling etc). We gave a title “top pick” to this model because of the ideal combination of modern technologies implemented and affirtable price tag. Current option is available in blue, platinum, jade, red or black. This option has got a lot of positive reviews from users worldwide. Such set of features at the very affordable price is a perfect choice when you are searching for the good coffee machine.

The option that finishes our list of ten best Keurig coffee machines will not also dissappoint you with its features. This model allows you to brew 1.25, 1.0 or 0.75 cups of coffee drinks. By the way you will be able not only make coffee, but also hot chocolate, tea, cocoa, various iced beverages and even more. You are able to choose this option in rhubarb, blue, white or black colors. What we also love in this model is its drip tray that can be removed for the higher cups. Because of this such option is a very good choice for people who prefer coffee on the go, because they will be able to put the travel mug in this machine without any efforts. The time of brewing will also pleasantly surprise you, your coffee can be ready in less than one minute! So, just count to sixty and you are ready for the first sip of wonderful fragrant beverage. Qualitative option at the very good price can be one more option for you to consider while choosing.