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With what to begin? Endless tedious stories, confusing movies and constantly the same thing. We didn’t include such films. Today we gonna show you the top 20 most interesting and not intrusive comedies. This list of films will not leave indifferent anyone and each of these best comedies on amazon prime will be the perfect choice for watching in the company. To this 20 we have included comedies, romantic and simply interesting films. Films do not have any incomprehensible and twisted endings. Read a brief description of the films and choose the one that is most suitable for you. We recommend you to watch all the films from the list, they will not leave you indifferent.

Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Steamboat Bill, Jr. 1928

This movie is available on: Amazon
Directors of the movie: Buster Keaton and Charles Reisner
Year: 1928
What can we say about this film? Fun and interesting comedy. The scenes are shown in all their glory. A few intimate scenes do not exceed the bar permissible. The father teaches his son, the protagonist Keaton, to be have with courageous and firm character. One scene with a hat will show a lot of interest to the viewer. Beautiful history of relations between old generations, teaching the younger ones new stages of their life.




What We Do in the Shadows 

What We Do in the Shadows  2014

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2014
Directors of the movie: Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi
Viago, Deacon and Vladislav are three ancient vampires who are not just neighbors in the apartment, but also the best friends. They have been living for several hundred years and adapt easily to any epoch. However, every year, getting used to the modern world is becoming more difficult, as it is constantly progressing. From the equilibrium of friends, not only various technological things are deduced, but also a lot of small things of the present, such as: rent for housing and utilities, face control in nightclubs and fresh clean blood that does not contain alcohol and drugs …




Love & Friendship 

Love & Friendship 

This movie is available on: Amazon
Director of the movie: Whit Stillman
Lady Susan had everything she could dream about until her husband left this world. For a while, she moves with her daughter to the family estate to wait until in high society they stop discussing her origins and adventures. In addition to everything, she still has to figure out how to correct her unstable financial situation. As a result, she decides to find an advantageous lot for herself and her daughter, considering exceptionally rich candidates. And now, when Lady Susan has already decided on a choice, she uses all her charm and beauty, as well as a sharp mind and incredible talent to weave intrigue …

Will this make her life better? Watch this film in our list of best comedies on amazon prime till the end.




Punch-Drunk Love 

Punch-Drunk Love  2002

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2002
Director of the movie: Paul Thomas Anderson 
Barry was very unlucky. He was the eighth child in the family, and all other children were girls – this life is not for the weak people. Naturally, in the shadow of his obviously tyrannical seven sisters, completely suppressing Barry’s attempts to get on with the girls, the guy grew up as a terrible neurotic with a mass of complexes. The guy is already far beyond thirty, but Barry, periodically suffering from flashes of rage, never learned to live normally surrounded by people. And especially with women. But fate has not yet put a point on Barry. One day he meets one strange girl who managed to turn his whole life around … Will this relations save Barry from his complexes and change his life?




His Girl Friday 

His Girl Friday 1940

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1940
Director of the movie: Howard Hawks
This film that will not leave anyone indifferent. The film itself was created basing on the well-known novel The Front Pagé. The film shows an intriguing history of journalism. In this romantic movie you will find everything as in the best films about investigative journalists, intrigue and romance. The main role is played by the insanely beautiful and charming Cary Grant. “His Girl Friday” is a vigorous and interesting story about love and investigation. In the list of best comedies on amazon prime it occupies the fifth position.




Shakespeare in Love 

Shakespeare in Love 1998

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1998
Director of the movie: John Madden
It was in 1594. The playwright William Shakespeare was in a state of creative crisis: his muse left, there is no money, and the master of the theater urgently needs a new play in the shortest possible time leriod. And when the writer does not have any hope of gaining inspiration, in his life the Love itself appears -the charming aristocrat Viola. The girl, in the guise of a young actor, is hiring in a troupe to play in the play “Romeo and Juliet”. She was not only a devoted fan of the maestro, but also an excellent actress. There is only one problem: Viola is engaged to a nobleman who wants to take her to an English colony … Wonderful story about love and pure feelings that will make your heart beating faster.




Top Five 

Top Five  2014

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2014
Director of the movie: Chris Rock 
Andre Allen is a comedian who has played many roles and achieved everything he dreamed about: he is popular, he is in demand and he is abulously rich. But at one point he changes the life of a comedian, after which he decides to play his first serious role in this life. However, to do this his bride, who is the star of a TV reality show constantly hinders. It seems that he would never manage to fulfill his dream, but the day of their wedding is coming. The girl persuades the groom to arrange a video broadcast of this solemn event on the air of her show. And now something what absolutely no one expected begins…




 Captain Fantastic

 Captain Fantastic 2016

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Matt Ross
Ben is a man with extraordinary views on modern society, who once took his family to the forest away from civilization. Here a new life began for the spouses and their six children. They plant the herbs, hunt and get acquainted with the philosophical works of antiquity. Children feel themselves completely comfortable living in a harmony with nature thanks to a clear daily routine, discipline and coordinated work. However, the years go by, children grow up and use their knowledge for rebellion. Everything begins with the fact that their mother, who has mental problems, flies into the city and makes a cuicide. Children go to honor her memory, gradually realizing the depth of the modern civilized world. But how will their journey end? … Will the modern world change their lifeviews greatly?




Beautiful Girls

Beautiful Girls 1996

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1996
Director of the movie: Ted Demme
A few years ago Willy Conway left his parents’ home and moved to New York. He believed that here he would have a beautiful future. However, after years, the young man was never able to achieve the desired heights and only got himself a lot of problems. To escape from everything, he returns to his native town of Nitridge. Here he meets his school friends and realizes that they have a lot of worries and problems in their lives. After a while he gets to know a girl who lives next door. Despite her young age, she gives Willy some wise advice. Gathering with friends in the local bar, which became their favorite place for frank conversations, Conway finally understands what he needs to do with his completely failed life …




Morris from America

Morris from America 2016

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Chad Hartigan
Curtis Gentry buried his wife, and then decided to move from America to Germany, along with thirteen-year-old son Morris. They settled in Heidelberg and now are trying to start a new life. Local residents are quite friendly and positive people, and the father and son are gradually beginning to get used to living in a foreign country. One day Morris meets a pretty girl with whom they quickly become friends. But with the process of time, the guy realizes that he fell in love. Having experienced this wonderful feeling, he begins to understand his father better, who recently lost the love of all his life …




 Son of Rambow

 Son of Rambow 2013

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2013
Director of the movie: Garth Jennings
The shy Will, protagonist of the film “Son of Rambo,” grows up in a strict sectarian family belonging to the community of the Plymouth brothers, vigilantly watching the behavior of the parishioners. The boy is forbidden to watch TV and attend cinema shows, so he always leaves the audience when the training documentary films are demonstrated in a classroom.

One day Will gets acquainted with his antipode – bully and hooligan Lee Carter, who was once again asked to leave the lesson. Together with lee, Will first learns in practice about what a school fight is, and most importantly – gets the opportunity to see a pirated copy of the action film “Rambo: The First Blood”.

The boys quickly become friends, and then Lee invites the friend to create their own fascinating movie, playing Rambo’s adventures …




Major League

Major League 1989

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1989
Director of the movie: David S. Ward
Baseball team “Cleveland Indians” for already thirty years, has taken the last places in the championship. After the death of the club owner, his wife decides to move from Cleveland to Miami, but before that sell the team. However, for this, she must fulfill one condition: the club must lose all the matches of the championship. To achieve the goal, the owner invites the worst players from the entire league to the team: a young pitcher Ricky Vaughn, recently released from prison, catcher Jake Taylor, coach-loser Lou Brown and a few mediocre players. It seemed that with such players it is simply impossible to win, but each member of the team set a goal – to win the championship … Will the loser team become a champions or lose as always? Everything depends on players…




 Get Shorty

 Get Shorty 1995

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1995
Director of the movie: Barry Sonnenfeld
Chile Palmer is a gangster and racketeer. When he was in Hollywood, where he had to get money out of the owed producer, he unexpectedly decides to stay and make a film, using as the basis for writing the plot his rich life experience and profound knowledge of the cinema, which he simply adores. At the same time, the plot of the film becomes a real copy of his life. The permanent mafia problems keeps the viewer in feverish tension during the whole film. Mafiosi from Los Angeles, Colombia, Miami make fatal mistakes, easily say goodbye to life, and all this is accompanied by a lot of comical and ridiculous situations.




Trading Places

Trading Places 1983

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 1983
Director of the movie: John Landis
When bosses of the successful businessman Louis Wintrop III, the Duke brothers, made a bet, the life of the richest Wall Street company manager, changed abruptly. According to one of the brothers, the management of the company can be performed by everyone, even by the most notorious and uneducated rascal. For their experiment, the brothers find Billy Ray Valentine, who turns out to be a street swindler. He is offered to lead the company. The eccentric couple still do not understand that they risk much more than each of them could even imagine. What will be the result of such extraordinary experiment?




Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl 2007

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2007
Director of the movie: Craig Gillespie
The film tells the story of a very shy and humble young man, Lars, who lives in a small town in the north of America. He thinks that he has acquired the greatest love of his life in the face of a girl named Bianca. Lars likes everything in his new girlfriend. He even introduced her to his relatives and friends. But there is a small problem: Bianca is not a real girl, but a sex doll, which Lars ordered through the Internet. But it seems that the guy is absolutely happy with this state of affairs … This movie is one of the most unusual comedies in the list of best comedies on amazon prime.




Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man 2016

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Directors of the movie: Daniel Scheinert, Dan Kwan
Because of certain circumstances Hank is on an uninhabited island. Having lost all hope of salvation, he is going to end his life, but at that moment he notices how the wave threw the corpse of a young guy ashore. He brings it to his cave, and soon begins to notice strange things that are more like hallucinations. So the corpse of an unknown guy, whom he gives the name of Manny, becomes his only friend on the island. He helps Hank to regain the joy of life and returns the hope of salvation. Using the multifunctionality of Manny, Robinson embarks on an epic journey that will bring him back to the beloved girl …




 Everybody Wants Some!!

 Everybody Wants Some!! 2016

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2016
Director of the movie: Richard Linklater 
The film takes place in 1980 in Texas. Jake Bradford is a young guy who, after entering college, settles in a student dormitory. He hopes for absolutely free life away from parents, several years of training, as well as playing baseball for the college team. Settled together with the rest of the athletes, he gradually begins to learn all the delights of student life, which is full of unrestrained fun, lots of entertainment and fantastic jokes. Having passed the traditional rite of initiation into freshmen, Jake immerses himself in the students’ world. He waits for noisy parties, lot of fun, and also relations with beautiful girls, without which life in college doesn’t have any sense …

Good comedy in our list of best comedies on amazon prime which definitely worth watching.




The Kings of Summer

The Kings of Summer 2013

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2013
Director of the movie: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
The adolescent period is considered as the most difficult in a person’s life. Young people are in permanent search of their place in life, and the relationships with their parents are very tense, because teenagers only do what they are prohibited to do. Patrick, Joe and Biagio are three friends- teenagers who have come to an end of the school year, and now they are waiting for the summer holidays. But their problem is that they will have to spend all the holidays in their native city, next to their parents. Of course young people do not like such turn of events and decide to run away from everyone. In the nearest forest, friends build a small house and begin an independent life in which they consider themselves kings of the summer …




Saint Ralph

Saint Ralph 2005

This movie is available on: Amazon
Year: 2005
Director of the movie: Michael McGowan
At the age of fourteen, Ralph has already experienced many unpleasant events. After his father died, and his mother was hospitalized because of a serious illness, he was sent to a school for boys. He can never boast of an exemplary behavior and because of this he managed to set himself against almost all teachers. Father Hibbert was the only one who continued to treat him well. This man noticed a very good athletic ability in Ralph thanks to which the boy can become a famous athlete in the future. After some time, the boy is informed that only a miracle can save his mother and he decides to create this miracle by himself. So he begins to prepare for the Boston Marathon, which he must win by all means…




Café Society

Café Society 2011

This movie is available on: Amazon
Director of the movie: Woody Allen 
The film takes place in the thirties of the last century in the United States. Bobby is a young guy who moves from New York to Los Angeles to his uncle Phil to work in the world of big cinema. All his life he has dreamed of conquering Hollywood and now he has a great opportunity, as his uncle is a quite famous figure in the film industry. Life in Los Angeles is significantly different from New York: there is a luxury and glitter everywhere, everyday noisy parties are held, which gather the most beautiful singer and actress. Without having time to settle in the city, Bobby fully immerses into the string of events of the stormy Hollywood life. He gets the work of his dream, and with it – charming girls and great employment, as well as the first successes and falls …