All Secrets about Perfect Espresso Machines
Do you want a Coffee Maker with Grinder? Let’s choose it!

It is obvious for everyone that good morning begins with the good coffee. Our team fully agreed with it, but we’d rather say that the best morning begins with the BEST coffee, especially if this coffee is macchiato, cappuccino or latte. Only one sip of such coffee and you are completely happy, full of energy and ready for the new day. Perfect day, of course. The main problem for coffee lovers is price for the good coffee in coffee shops. You can forget about this problem by purchasing a coffee machine and be fully independent from prices, but here one more problem occurs – which coffee machine to choose? In this article we collected ten best latte machines, each of that has a reasonable price and high-end characteristics. Thus, if you are searching for the good combination of price and quality, this article can be a useful guide for you. Before starting our review we’d like to make a short introduction about main features of all latte machines.

This machine makes espresso. Latte machines with such picture give you the opportunity to enjoy pure espresso or to experiment with new beverages. Almost all latte machines offer you choice among double or single espresso shots. Just separate the milk frother from the main brewing area and in a minute you will enjoy the pure espresso.

The capacity of water tank. This characteristic is also very important. Of course the larger is the water tank the better, because you don’t have to refill it often and also can make coffee for a group. But in a case when you are limited in space you should consider options with smaller water tanks as their size is smaller. Water tank is always removable that makes it being very simple in cleaning and filling up.

Size of your coffee machine is one of the main points to pay your attention before buying. Here you will face with the choice- either you have enough place and want machine with more features, or you are limited with space on your desktop and the smaller is the machine, the better it will be for you. Just think about available space and desirable features of you coffee machine, it will significantly simplify your search.

The necessary picture that have to be on your new coffee machine if you are the fan of cappuccino and latte. For all machines from this article this picture is obligatory. Latte machines differ in the way of making coffee. Some of them use the milk reservoir that is separated or froth and brew in the same reservoir, while some of them have the frothing wand for milk and brew espresso.

This machine uses ground coffee. A lot of coffee lovers like the process of grinding coffee beans before brewing but in the most cases it requires a bit of practice comparably with using pre-ground beans from the store. It’s up to you which way to choose, the only thing you have to know is that the machine with such picture can use coffee grounds.

Unlike the mentioned above feature, machine with such picture uses coffee pods. If the previous option was for romantic coffee lovers who want to enjoy the process, this case is for more pragmatic people who prefer convenience and appreciate their time. Many of the new coffee machines can use either coffee pods or ground coffee, while some of them still can use only one type. Pay your attention on the type that is used in the coffee machine while choosing.

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In this list we presented ten best options that will suit either coffee lovers that don’t want to spend a lot of time and efforts for making a coffee, or experienced baristas who want to experiment with something new and have enough time for enjoying the process. The one thing that unites all these people is that all of them need something qualitative and not very expensive. No matter who you are, coffee expert or just beginner, in this list you will be able to choose something that suit all your requirements. Let’s go!


This coffee machine from famous in the world of coffee Mr. Coffee brand will please you with the ability to make both espresso and latte. Among main advantages of the ECMP50 you will find water tank, capacity of which will be enough for five cups. Also you are able to make two cups of coffee at one time. Comparably small size of this machine allows you to put it even in limited space on your desktop. Drip tray can be removed and it is very convenient for using cups of different sizes, and for easy cleaning. This machine uses the ground coffee beans, coffee pods in this case are unavailable. As all other high-end coffee machines the Mr. Coffee ECMP50 is equipped with the milk frother. This fast, comparably cheap and very efficient latte machine will save you from the dull mornings with the cup of amazing coffee.

If you are on a budget but you still want to enjoy the high-quality coffee taste, then most likely this latte machine will occupy the place on your kitchen table. Together with affordable price the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 can boast of the whole list of high-end features. Let’s consider them more deeply. This latte machine can joy you with all coffee types, such as latte, espresso or cappuccino. Moreover, you are able to choose between two sizes for each of these coffee types. This representative of famous Mr. Coffee brand is equipped with milk frother, that automatically foams and heats milk during the espresso brewing process. Separate container for milk is also included, but even with it this machine has very small dimensions, so to find a place on your table where to put your new purchase will not be a big problem for you. This machine is very simple in using, all you have to do is to choose between the two available sizes of latte, cappuccino or espresso and push the button…Voila! Machine will do all the rest and in a minute you will be sipping your fragrant coffee!

This latte machine from the brand Nespresso is the most portable and the lightest option among all other machines from this manufacturer. With such small dimensions you can forget about the permanent problem of free space to put your new coffee machine. This machine will joy you with the both latte and espresso, but it uses only coffee pods. Special milk frother, that is another distinctive feature of this machine can provide you with either hot or cold frothed milk. One more great pros of the Nespresso Aeroccino latte machine is that you are can postpone its cleaning for as long as it’s possible due to the ability of this machine to hold used coffee pods. It is a perfect option for people who are in a hurry. The distinctive feature of this coffee machine is that it has the water tank, capacity of which will be enough for nine! cups when it is full. Machine is ready for brewing in twenty five seconds, so even if you overslept at work you still can save your day and your mood with the cup of fragrant coffee. All new technologies that are implemented in this machine are aimed on the saving your time and making the process of coffee brewing as simple as it’s possible.

This latte machine got the title of “one of the best latte machines using coffee pods”. The ESE pods that are used in the Lattissima Plus latte machine are injected in a special reservoir, thereby allowing you to clean the machine later that significantly save your time and efforts. The main unique feature of this latte machine is its programmability. With such feature you are able to save setups of your most favorite beverages and the next time machine will add exactly as much coffee and milk as you prefer. This latte machine is ready for brewing in forty seconds, so you don’t have to wait long for your coffee. One more feature that is also very useful is the ability of this machine to be turned off automatically in eight minutes, half an hour, or another time period that you will set. Separate reservoir for milk is also included here and can put foamy milk into your cup. Special carafe with the capacity of twenty ounces is also available, so you can replace your cup with it if you want.

The main advantage of this latte machine from VonShef manufacturer is its ability to make two separate drinks at one time. Due to this, the VonShef Latte Maker can be a perfect option for office, where you can quickly make espresso for group of people. The water tank can be removed easily and has a capacity of 6.3 cups, so its cleaning will not take you a lot of efforts and you don’t have to clean it after each time of using coffee machine. The knob is also available in this model and allows you to choose the desired froth size depending on your tastes. Built in wand will easily steam and froth milk for your favorite cappuccino or latte, while the drip tray that you can remove allows you to use coffee mugs, cappuccino cups and demitasses without any problems.

This luxurious latte machine was created specially for real coffee connoisseurs. It can please you with the really high-quality espresso. Among main features of this high-end machine from the Breville brand you will find the wand for milk steaming and frothing that is attached here, and included filter with the dual or single walls. The single wall filter will perfectly suit the experienced coffee makers, while the dual wall will better suit the beginners. Pump powerful system with the pressure of fifteen bar will easily make you the first-class espresso in less than one minute. Here you can also find the built-in warmer for cups. Also there is a special conical-shape grinder which grinds the whole beans into the filter basing on the size of grind that you selected. Actually, the latte machine created by the Breville is one of the top coffee machines available nowadays and is the perfect option to invest your money, so after the first time of using it you will never want to change it for something else.

This machine from the Mr. Coffee manufacturer is so small that you can take it wherever you want, it will not take a lot of space and you will have a permanent ability to drink your favorite coffee. The Mr. Coffee ECM160 has an automatic wand for milk frothing and steaming to please you with the perfect macchiato or cappuccino. Special glass carafe with the capacity of four shots is included here, but you can also brew espresso or any other type of coffee directly to your coffee mug. Latte, espresso, macchiato or any other coffee type can be easily made with this small latte machine. The water tank is not removable for this model, so pay your attention on this fact while choosing. This coffee machine uses only coffee grounds, so if you are the fan of the ESE coffee pods, it will be better to consider another option. Being small and very simple in using, this machine is a perfect option for beginners.

Our next participant is the best option for those who start their coffee experience due to the simple using and special system that is called “Slide and Lock”, that locks your filter when it is positioned correctly. Five-cups water tank allows you not to refill it after each brewing while drip tray which can be removed easily makes the cleaning of this machine incredibly simple and fast. Latte or espresso, demitasse or coffee mugs – with this machine you have the complete freedom of choice. Fast and very quiet, with the compact size, the Hamilton Beach 40792 is a perfect option for everyday using. This machine can use both coffee pods and ground coffee beans, so it depends only on your preferences and tastes which type to choose. Wand for milk frothing and steaming is available together with the powerful system with the pressure of fifteen bar, and will provide you with latte or mocha that will satisfy even the choosy coffee experts.

The stylish design is not the only feature that the Gourmia GCM5500 can boast of. This machine has a drip tray that you can remove in case when you need to use not only demitasse but coffee mug or cappuccino cup, and a separate milk reservoir. This machine uses coffee pods. After using they are ejected into a special container which you clean up later, so you don’t need to spend your time for cleaning after each machine using. Also, if you don’t like to use pods but all the rest of features fit perfectly to your requirements, you can use special pod containers that are reusable. You are able also to feel them with the grind of beans that you like. One more amazing feature of this machine is its incredibly simple control, you only have to choose among latte macchiato, espresso or lungo shot that are available here and machine will do the rest.

The last option in our list is the latte machine also created by the Mr. Coffee manufacturer. Current machine has a reservoir for three cups that is enough for some portions of delicious latte. The BVMC-EL1 coffee machine is the ideal option for those people who are on a budget, because together with low price it is equipped with all necessary features for making a fine coffee. This machine uses ground coffee beans, so take this fact into account if it is very important to you to use whether ESE coffee pods or ground coffee beans. One and only disadvantage of this machine is that you can not make a pure espresso because of lacking of pressure system. But in the case when you want to enjoy a strong type of coffee like espresso you always can brew just stronger coffee which taste will be similar. The good feature of this latte machine is that it can be turned off automatically after each brewing.