Best Ten Nespresso Machines or Technological Miracle in your Kitchen

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A lot of us used to think that the simplest and the cheapest way to have a cup of the good coffee is to buy it in the nearest coffee shop. In this article we are going to refute this theory and show you all the advantages of having first-class coffee machines made by Nespresso manufacturer at your home. Prior to the start we want to show you the main features that you should know when decided to choose the modern coffee machine.

Machine’s Warranty:
The long warranty of the coffee machine is the indicator of its high quality. It means that manufacturer is sure that nothing will happen with your new purchase after some period of using. Note the duration of the coffee machine’s warranty while choosing.

Machine’s Weight:
In the majority of cases the heavier is the machine, the more features are implemented in it, but very often people are searching for lighter options because of the ergonomic reasons. In this article you’ll see different options and are able to choose the appropriate one.

Machine’s Dimension:
This feature is close to the previous one. The bigger is machine, the more features you will get. This is the positive side. But in the many cases you are limited in space where for your new coffee machine, so you can’t afford to buy the large option. This is the negative side. Consider different options and decide which one suit you most of all.

Machine’s Capacity:
The large capacity of the water tank of your machine means that you will be able to pamper with the freshly brewed coffee your friends and colleagues too. The most options among presented here have large capacity of water tanks.

Machine’s Color:
Color is important all the time. Because of this the Nespresso machines offer us a great choice of available colors, where you will be able to pick something that fits your tastes and preferences and can make you coffee machine a stylish and bright part of your kitchen equipment.

Machine’s Type:
Pay your attention on the type of the coffee machine while choosing to make sure that it can provide you not only with espresso, but with other types of coffee drinks too to give you the ability to choose from several available beverages every morning.

Ten Best Nespresso Coffee Machines

We are ready to present you the best ten Nespresso coffee makers to prove that you can have your own professional “barista” in your kitchen and enjoy the first-class coffee every morning without going to coffee shop and spend a lot of time and money. All these options differ by their characteristics, price and design, so we hope you will be able to find the one that suits your requirements most of all. Are you ready? Let’s start our review!

First Nespresso machine in our list has already become an integral part of life of many users all over the world. Among the newest technologies implemented in this guy you will find the automatic turn-off feature which allows you not to be worried even when you forget to turn it off after brewing. This machine will be turned off automatically in nine minutes after finishing the process. This option is a very good choice for busy people who are always in rush because its duration of brewing process, you can enjoy the first sip of the freshly brewed coffee in twenty seconds after pushing the button. Impressive, isn’t it? This machine is available in variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite one and enjoy the look of this technological miracle in your kitchen every morning. The large capacity of the water tank allows you to make coffee not for you only, but for company of your friends too. You are able also to choose the desired size of cup and type of coffee (two different capsule sizes are available). With the warranty of four years and good set of modern features this coffee machine can become your favorite for many years.

The name of this coffee machine fully totally coincides with its characteristics. This option was created for big city life and now you will understand why. First thing is its duration of the brewing process. It is equal to twenty five seconds only, which allows you to fill yourself with energy by drinking the freshest topnotch coffee and go to work. For busy people who are always hurrying to work this is exactly what they need. Also, the size of this machine. It is comparably small and light-weighted, so you don’t have a problem of free space for the new coffee machine at your urban kitchen. Thanks to the modern bright colors available, it can become a stylish accessory to the design of your kitchen too. With the dual type available, this machine will please users with the type of coffee that they want, it can be espresso or Lungo. Among other modern characteristics necessary for the big city life you will find the automatic turn-off regime available. It means that your coffee machine will be turned off in nine minutes after finishing the process. With the state-of-art technologies implemented and modern look, this coffee maker will perfectly fit all your requirements.

The fans of cream over the coffee will definitely appreciate this model, because beside fragrant coffee they will get thick cream with the velvety soft texture. The programmability of this machine is on the high level, so you will be able to set the desired level of the strength and size of your drink. Also this machine can conserve energy and is environmentally friendly because of its auto turn-off feature. It will be automatically switched off after five minutes of idling. This model allows you to choose among thirty drinks available, so you can choose between cocoa, hot chocolate, tea, coffee and many others. The duration of the process of brewing is short and it means that you will have cup of your chosen beverage in around a minute. It is a very good result for coffee makers. Large water reservoir together with light weight and comparably small size will also please you. Very productive and modern option with the reasonable price tag. With the warranty of four years you can be sure that it will not let you down in the most inappropriate moment.

The quality of name “Vertuo” is proven over the years by a lot of positive reviews from users all over the world. By choosing this option you can be completely sure that his coffee maker will serve you properly during the long time period. The modern characteristics of this model put it in the one row with the world famous high-end options. This model is very easy to operate, all you have to do is to put the capsule into this coffee maker, close its lever and push the button. Voila! Twenty seconds and your beverage are waiting in the cup for your first sip. One more feature that we love in this machine is its unique Vertuo’s descaling alert. This feature was created for lazy people who don’t like to clean the coffee machine after each using. With this feature your machine will let you know when it is time to clean it. Perfect, yeah? You also can choose the modern minimalistic design of this machine in four colors. Matte black, titan, red and black colors are available. Forty-ounce capacity of water tank makes you able to make a coffee for the company of your friends at once. The warranty period of four years is also one of the reasons to purchase this first-class option.

This coffee machine stands out from the crowd of similar options and now we will consider why. The first thing is the unique Centrifusion technology that is implemented in this machine for making the incredibly fragrant coffee by powerful aroma extracting from the coffee beans. Believe us, the coffee made by this guy will be so good, that you will drink it to the last drop in a moment! Thanks to the good programmability you can adjust the necessary brewing parameters by your own to make exactly that coffee that you want. This option comes in six available colors, so you can choose among black, titan, silver, gray, cherry red or white models. All colors are very good but we think that this model looks the best in the traditional black color that ideally emphasizes its luxury design. Speaking about size, weight and portability it should be mentioned that the water tank included in this model is moveable. Yes, you read it right, you can move it in dependence of the space that you have, you can move it in or out of the machine, thereby solving the permanent problem of free space. The capacity of the water tank is sixty ounces, so you can make several cups of coffee without refilling it each time after brewing.

The main feature that this model can boast of is its pump. With the very powerful nineteen-bar pump this coffee maker will extract all the aroma from the coffee providing you with the very fragrant and delicious coffee. The capacity of water tank is thirty four ounces and the impressive thing is that this whole water tank can be easily heated up in twenty-five seconds! Not bad, right? The thing that we love most of all in this coffee makes is its ability to make the milk froth thanks to the special Aeroccino system that is built in. It means that you will be able to make all amazing coffee-drinks with the milk froth that you have always wanted to make but didn’t have the possibility. In addition to all mentioned features this option is able to be switched off automatically after finishing its work thanks to the special energy saving regime. The drip tray of this coffee maker can be removed, so you will be able to use taller cups or glasses for coffee drinks. And of course we can’t skip the colors available. This model comes in chrome, red, titan and classic lack colors to fit your tastes perfectly.

This stylish coffee maker from Nespresso comes in four different colors. You are able to choose this option in silver, red, graphite and titan colors. The current model will be the best choice for people who are searching the high-end coffee machine that makes cream-topped espresso. Thanks to the integrated milk frother and unique Centrifusion technology implemented here you will get first-class coffee brewed with precision and gentleness. This machine is incredibly easy in operating, just touch the button and your coffee will be ready in the shortest period of time. The one more good feature of this machine is that as many other high-end options it is able to turns off automatically in nine minutes after brewing. This means that even you forgot to turn it off in a hurry, you shouldn’t be worry about it. Both large and small coffee sizes can be used in this machine giving you the ability to choose from. The comparably large water tank with the capacity of fifty four ounces makes you able to make several cups with coffee without refilling it with water after each brewing. Good high-end option at a very reasonable price.

The budget pick in our list will please you with very good features available. The current model will make for you espresso or other coffee drinks with the milk froth thanks to the Aeroccino system. You will be able to make various coffee drinks with such coffee maker, all you have to do is to choose hot or cold milk froth you need, push the button, wait twenty seconds and your fragrant cup with the chosen coffee drink will be waiting for you. With Aeroccino system you can choose among cappuccino, macchiato and other coffee drinks that are topped with the milk froth. As previously mentioned options this machine will also switch itself off in nine minutes after brewing. Each detail of this machine is thought out well and its design is minimalistic and stylish. This option can be purchased in black, gray, red or matte black colors. The price tag for such good features and famous manufacturer is very low, so if you are on a budget and need a good coffee machine which will not make you a bankrupt- here it is.

The “Top pick” title in our article was given to the Nespresso Pixie. This option definitely deserves it and now you will understand why. This coffee maker uses special Compact Brewing Unit Technology that allows users to remove coffee capsules and insert them into the machine easily. The current model can without any problem serve lungo or espresso, while the drip tray that can be folded in cases when you need taller glasses to make coffee drinks. The special heating element allows users enjoy the cup of amazing drink in thirty seconds after pushing the button. Speaking about design this model is available in electric titan or aluminum colors and has a very nice LED indicator of water level. Also there is a removable tank for the capsules that were used, capacity of which is twenty four ounces. It is very useful feature which save you from the necessity to clean it after each time of using. The aroma of coffee made with this coffee maker will be amazing thanks to the powerful nineteen-bar pressure pump, which extract all the aroma from coffee providing you with the incredibly delicious coffee in your cup.

The last participant in our chart will please you with the great variety of the high-end features, most of all are fully automated. The brewing time of this coffee machine is equal to the twenty five seconds, so less than in half a minute you will have nine servings (thanks to the twenty-four ounces capacity of water tank) of the chosen coffee drinks waiting for the first sip. You are able to choose among many coffee drinks that can be made with this coffee maker, all you have to do is to program the coffee machine between lungo or espresso. The drip tray of this model can be folded, so you will be able to use taller glasses or coffee mugs. The powerful pump with the nineteen-bar pressure will take the best from the coffee capsules and make the best coffee with the perfect aroma for you. This machine also turns off automatically in nine minutes in a case when you were in a hurry and forgot to turn it off. The design of this guy is modern and simple at the same time, you can purchase this option in cream, red, white or black colors. A lot of high-end automated features and affordable price make this coffee maker be worth your attention and purchasing.