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Nowadays Internet has occupied the extremely important place in our lives. We work there, read the news, chat with friends from over the globe and do so much other stuff. Agree, that it’s not very nice when in the middle of the conversation with your boss in Skype or sending the important email the Internet speed becomes super low for some unknown reasons. This article is devoted to the customers of one of the leading US companies, Cox Communications, who are not satisfied with their Internet speed and find a way to improve it somehow. In this article, we will consider TOP 9 COX Modems which will noticeably boost your Internet connection and in addition to this save you from the fee that you pay to Cox for renting their hardware. Let’s consider what you will get and how do these guys work.


Best High-End

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Best Mid-Range

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Best Inexpensive

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Modem #1. Netgear Nighthawk X4S




The first option among our TOP 9 modems for Cox can improve the speed of your Internet greatly due to its modern DOCSIS 3.1technology implemented. Also, this guy is equipped with the thirty-two downstream channels which are bonded to provide you with the best connection possible even during the peak hours when the Internet speed slows down greatly.

  • built-in ac3200 router
  • wide customization options
  • high-quality processor
Model C7800-100NAS
Weight 5.8 pounds
Rating 4.6 / 5.0

Modem #2. Arris Surfboard SBG7580AC




The main advantage of this option is that it comes with the first-class software developed by McAfee. In addition to this, current modem comes together with the wi-fi router which is built-in, that is a great advantage.

  • supports ipv4 and ipv6
  • 4 one-gigabit ethernet ports
  • 2-year warranty
Weight 2.7 pounds
Rating 4.9 / 5.0

Modem #3. Motorola MB8600




From such company with the world-famous name, we expect only the top-notch products. And this modem is an excellent representative of them. Being equipped with the Ethernet ports, this modem will provide you with the maximally high speed of your Internet. In addition to this, it has a nice, excellently ventilated housing, which allows your modem work longer without any problems.

  • latest docsis technology
  • advanced firewall protections
  • reduces lags and latency
Brand Motorola
Model MB8600
Weight 2.1 pounds
Rating 4.8 / 5.0

Modem #4. TP-Link TC-7620

TP-Link TC-7620



The modems created by TP-Link company are in a high demand to date because of their high effectiveness and durability in combination with a very attractive price. With this model you can get an increased Internet speed and a stable connection around the clock. The CableLabs of this modem is certified with the 3.0 technology that makes it compatible with all the providers sending 2.0, 1.0, and 1.1 feeds.

  • future-proof dual stacking
  • clear and informative leds
  • 24-hour technical support
Brand TP-Link
Model TC-7620
Weight 1.3 pounds
Rating 4.7 / 5.0

Modem #5. Linksys CM3024




The next modem in our list provides you with the speed of 960 Megabits per second which makes it the best choice for streaming HD movies. This option is equipped with the twenty-four downstream channels which work together and provide you with an excellent connection despite the number of users and time of the day.

  • intel puma 6 chipset
  • plug-and-play setup
  • leds are too bright at night
Brand Linksys
Model CM3024
Weight 2.2 pounds
Rating 4.5 / 5.0

Modem #6. Netgear CM600-100NAS

NETGEAR Cable Modem



This modem has a row of lights which will help you to control the work of all its functions. The model will provide you with the good speed (960 Megabits per second) and is equipped with the Ethernet port for the maximally fast hardware access. The intensity of modem’s indicators isn’t too bright, so they will not interfere with your sleep.

  • good for high-speed gaming
  • slim design won’t take up much space
  • can get very hot
Model CM600-100NAS
Weight 2.1 pounds
Rating 3.9 / 5.0

Modem #7. Arris Surfboard SBG6580




This modem has a row of lights which will help you to control the work of all its functions. The model will provide you with the good speed (960 Megabits per second) and is equipped with the Ethernet port for the maximally fast hardware access. The intensity of modem’s indicators isn’t too bright, so they will not interfere with your sleep.

  • good for high-speed gaming
  • slim design won’t take up much space
  • can get very hot
Model CM600-100NAS
Weight 2.1 pounds
Rating 3.9 / 5.0

Modem #8. D-Link DCM-301




This option also can’t boast of a super-fast Internet speed; however, it will be more than enough for doing your usual online activities. The speed of only 320 Megabits per second is fully justified with the comparably low price of this option. Also, make sure that the modem’s body is not covered because it may heat up which can negatively influence on its work.

  • works with other cable providers
  • straightforward installation
  • lackluster web interface
Brand D-Link
Model DCM-301
Weight 3 pounds
Rating 4.1 / 5.0

Modem #9. Zoom Telephonics 5341J




The last modem in our list can boast of the great speed of 1000 Megabits per second which together with its comparably affordable price makes it an excellent choice for any home. In addition to this, this guy saves the electricity due to the special switching power cube that conserves electricity thereby saving your money.

  • backward compatible with docsis
  • easy to install
  • poorly placed rf input
Brand Zoom
Model 5341-00-00J
Weight 1.3 pounds
Rating 3.7 / 5.0

Important Moment That Should be Noted When Choosing a Modem

Prior purchasing a modem you should take into account several important moments. Thus, you will get maximal efficiency from your purchase and not waste your money. The first thing that should be noted when choosing a modem is its compatibility with your cable. It’s obvious that if you are a customer of Cox, you need to choose modem among that options which are compatible with it. All options considered in this article are compatible with this provider, so you can choose any of them and do not worry about this. If you need more other options to choose from, you can find a list of third-party compatible modems on the official website of Cox. The next important moment when choosing the new modem is the Internet speed offered by the chosen option. As a rule, each of us when decided to improve the quality of Internet connection and to increase its speed want to increase it maximally. In this case, it’s completely up to you which option to choose. In the majority of cases, such choice depends on the money amount which you are going to spend on a new modem. So, the best way is to choose the maximally powerful option at the maximally attractive price for your budget. One more moment which is also very important is which option to choose if you are not versed in technologies. In such case, the best choice is the modem equipped with the row of lights which indicate about different functions. It’s easy to understand whether all functions work normally (green light of indicators) or some of the functions have stopped (red light of corresponding indicators). Also, when you decided to purchase a wireless modem it is important to take into account the size of the area you need to be covered with a good signal. The signal of some wireless models (especially budget options) may not be enough to cover the desired area. You need to check this parameter when choosing the modem. Among additional advice about purchasing the modem, it is recommended to put it into a place which will be far enough from the direct sunlight, dampness, and where it will be maximally protected from the dust.

What are the main Advantages of Such Modems?

The main reason for many Cox customers to purchase a new third-party modem was their monthly fee. Initially, it was comparably low but with the time it has become risen and today can reach more than $100 per year. Actually, it’s not so great amount of money to pay per year except for the quality of a signal. Many customers of this corporation claimed that they are not satisfied with the speed and quality of the Internet signal provided by the Cox. Add to this opportunity to purchase a new modem which will be better and save you from the monthly fee and the answer will be clear. To date, you can purchase a modem which can provide you with the much better signal, has a longer duration of the warranty, and doesn’t consume so much energy as the Cox’s modems. Among other great advantages of the third-party modems is that they can be repaired or replaced much easier than the Cox’s ones. In case of breaking the Cox’s modem, you will have to pay the company additional fee for the new one and to compensate the cost of the broken model. Not the best scenario, yeah? Howbeit there are also different options of third-party modems, so check carefully all their parameters, duration of a warranty and all conditions of the contract when purchasing the new modem. Companies which offer modems with the long duration of warranty will replace the broken option to the new one without any problems and additional fees.

A Bit from the Modem’s History

The history of a modem starts in a far 1920 when some news companies began to use certain multiplex devices that allowed to receive and send typed transmissions through the telephone wire. It was a start of a breakthrough in the world of technologies and the first step to the creation of a facsimile machine which with the process of time has turned into the modern modem which is a usual thing in each home nowadays. In thirty years after using the multiplex devices, modems were used by the U.S. Air Force to send the instant messages between different command sites. With the introduction of this technology, it was absolutely impossible for all other parties to intercept such signal. This technology has become an important part of the air-defense U.S. system and allowed absolutely secure connection between Canada and the United States of America. The next stage of the modems development started in twelve years, in 1962, when the AT&T company became a real monopoly in the whole world because of their patented technology of communication between different companies and individuals through the telephone data. Until the 1970s this company was one and only offering such services but then other companies created similar models but with by using their own technologies. Such modems worked more quickly and were much more effective. Technologies started developing rapidly and till the 1980s there were several different manufacturers which offered modems to their customers. These modems were different but all of them worked under the same uniform protocol which enabled users to get the same effectiveness and speed regardless of the modem’s manufacturer. The situation has changed dramatically with the Internet boom in the 1990s which has changed the whole epoch of technologies. All companies started to maximally improve their broadband modems to achieve the most rapid receiving and sending of the unlimited data. Competition between companies has increased many-fold and people had a wide choice of different options to choose from. This period was the start of the Internet epoch when the modem is an integral part of each home. With the introduction of their modems to the world market, companies began to take a rental fee from their customers for using of their modems. Nowadays you can avoid this fee by purchasing a third-party modem which will provide with the same and in the most cases even better Internet speed.