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Ten Best Grinders or Meet the New Day with Freshly-Ground Coffee

Of course nowadays our world doesn’t stand still, new technologies are developing almost every day in order to simplify our life and make a lot of useful things much more convenient. No doubts, it’s perfect, but there are some things that are better in a way that they have been created many years before. It may sounds strange and ridiculous but it is so. In this article we will talk about coffee, or rather about coffee grinders that are necessary for the wonderful moments of drinking perfect invigorating espresso in the morning. In this article we will tell you not about usual electric grinders for coffee that are very popular nowadays, but about traditional (and many people may think-outdated) hand coffee grinders. Why about them? Because each real coffee gourmet will tell you that there is a great difference between usual grinding with the electrical grinder and grinding with the hand option. And this difference is not only in your feelings, it is in the coffee taste, with the hand grinder you will be able to get the best coffee with the amazing aroma. Prior to the start our list of ten best hand grinders we want to show you several main features of each coffee grinder. Ready? Let’s go!

Available Warranty:
It doesn’t matter which product you buy, it’s always important to have warranty for it just in case, even if it is the highest quality. No one wants to have problem when the new purchase will break unexpectedly, so it is always nice to be sure that your new product has a good and long-lasting warranty.

Grinder’s Type:
Today the first-class hand grinders are equipped with the burrs made of ceramic and it is much better than usual metal burrs because ceramic options will give you much more consistent grinding comparably with the metal ones. And of course the burrs made of ceramic are much more long-lasting which is a great advantage.

Grinder’s Capacity:
The capacity of your grinder is very important if you need to brew more than one cup of coffee. Options presented in our article have capacity from 1 cup to ¼ of cup of coffee beans. It’s up to you which capacity will be more convenient to you and suit your requirements.

Grinder’s Material:
When choosing your new grinder don’t pay attention only on its appearance, but think about some practical moments such as possibility to take it to camping or picnic when the parts made of the strong stainless steel will be much better than made from delicate glass.

Grinder’s Weight:
The weight of the fully assembled hand grinder shouldn’t be very heavy and its shape has to be comfortable to hold. All models presented here have the most appropriate combination of these two parameters to provide you with simple and comfortable grinding.

Grinder’s Size:
The grinder’s size is quite controversial moment. Some people like short grinders while some prefer slim and long options. Some moments that should be thought out is whether you are going to take it to camping (or traveling) or not, and how much space can you allocate for it in your kitchen. Variety of shapes and sizes will help you to make the right choice.

Ten Topnotch Hand Grinders for Ideal Coffee Time Ten Topnotch Hand Grinders for Ideal Coffee Time

In the current article our team has reviewed ten different options of hand coffee grinders to help you make your choice without any problems. All models presented here are different in price, quality, materials, capacity, size and other additional features and parameters. The one thing that unites them all is that they ALL will please you with the superfine coffee, regardless of price. We picked only the best options at each price tag, so you can be sure that you will not regret about such purchase. Some options among presented here are more simple, while some have additional features and their own benefits and peculiarities, it’s up to you which one you will like and which suits all your requirements. By comparison these ten options you can easily decide which features do you need and picked the necessary one. One, two, three, let’s start!

The first option in our list is the hand grinder from the Hario manufacturer. This option has its own advantages and disadvantages and we will try to consider them all. Among main advantages of this option you will find the unbelievably large capacity (120 grams of coffee that will be enough for about twelve cups of coffee!) which distinct it from all other options, modern and stylish minimalistic design, durable glass container, metal hopper and the special rubber coverage of the grinder’s bottom that allows non-slippery position of the grinder wherever you will put it. The vintage notes in the style add some unique peculiarities to the modern design of this model. Among main proc of this model you will also find ability to adjust the desired grinding, twisting a nut inside this grinder’s mechanism. Among main disadvantages for our opinion is its rubberized coverage on the bottom (that was also among its advantages) that spoils a little the whole style of this grinder and the hopper lid made of plastic. But even despite these cons current model is recommended for purchasing due to its high quality, vintage style and very good capacity.

The next participant of our comparison chart looks rather like thermomug than like hand grinder, but it is one the best portable hand grinders that are available for purchasing nowadays. Actually this option is the perfect choice for those who are always in a hurry and late for the work or study. “All-in-one” is the main characteristic of the current model. Perfect grinder for travelling, camping, picnics or just for coffee to go. This mug will maintain your caffeine level wherever you go and even during camping you don’t have to abandon your daily morning tradition to grind and brew the freshest coffee. This grinder can be adjusted by regulating the knob while its hand grip can be folded for the most convenient transport and storage. So, thanks to this “all-in –one” model you can enjoy your perfect fresh coffee wherever you go and you don’t need any batteries or something like this, just take hot water and coffee beans and you are ready for the amazing brewing! This extremely portable, lightweighted and multifunctional grinder will not leave you indifferent and become you best companion for many years.

The next model is created by the Simple Kitchen Products Company and will pamper you with up to nine cups of the first-class at the one time. Due to the rubber insertions for the good stability even on the slippery surfaces and plastic elements this model is not as stylish and vintage as some other options presented here but it is tough and long-lasting. Actually in this hand grinder glass, plastic and rubber parts are well combined for the good durability and convenient using. The capacity of this grinder is equal to the one hundred grams of coffee beans that will be enough for up to nine cups as it was mentioned in the beginning. For adjusting the necessary level of grinding you need to tighten the nut inside this grinder. It is quite inconvenient because if you need different types of grinding (for different brews for example) you need to open the grinder every time. The work of this grinder is good and there is nothing to complain for, but this option is quite bulky and comparably heavy in comparison with other options that have the same capacity levels. Good option for the kitchen, but note that it is not very portable and will not suit the camping or traveling because of the glass jar that is rather fragile for using in such cases.

This option by the Coolife manufacturer and is comparably cheap option for not very picky coffee lovers. As the previously described option it has the combination of plastic, glass and silicone. Silicone coverage of the grinder’s bottom makes it stable regarding of the surface, while glass jar is very simple to clean. This model has a capacity of one hundred grams of coffee beans that means you can enjoy up to nine cups of the fresh and fragrant coffee. Also this option is equipped with the classic grinder made of ceramic that is very durable and convenient. The level of grinding can be adjusted only by opening the grinder which is not super convenient especially if you got used to use different coffee grinds. So, on the one hand you have the possibility to choose the necessary grind level but on the other hand you need to unscrew the grinder’s handle every time you want to change the grind level or simply to clean it. The size of the current option is comparably small and actually it is quite portable but we wouldn’t recommend it for taking to the camping or traveling because of the delicate glass carafe that can be easily broken during such trips. Good and comparably cheap option for the office or kitchen that will satisfy not super-experienced coffee gourmets.

While the previous option was among budget ones, this model is the representative of high-end hand grinders that will make even picky coffee lovers be happy as a child. The first thing that catches the eye is the superfine modern design that is made of the aluminum and glass. The one of distinctive features of this model is its cool vertical handle made of the pakka-wood. This grinder will please you with the capacity of one hundred grams of coffee beans and fifteen various grinding modes that can be set by turning the special ring that is situated in the middle side of the grinder. The vertical handle of this model is more convenient and habitual than the horizontal options, while the modern cylindrical style of this option will make this grinder a wonderful addition to your kitchen. Thanks to the comparably small size will not take much space, so you are able to put it wherever you want. Durable materials and perfectly elaborated details make this grinder exactly what the ideal option should be. Both beginners and experienced coffee lovers will appreciate al features of this model and especially its first-class design.

The first thought that occurs when you see this guy is “oh gosh, is it real?”, and yes, it is. This ultra stylish hand grinder looks like from the movie and can be a perfect (and of course useful) decoration for your kitchen. We are sure that if you like vintage style, your heart will skip a beat when you see this option available for purchasing. Of course if speaking about effectiveness, portability and other typical features, this is not the best option available on the market nowadays, but people who like such style don’t look for the highest effectiveness, they want to find something spiritual, something that will create unrepeatable atmosphere in your kitchen and will bring you unforgettable moments. The capacity of this model is equal to the thirty grams of coffee beans which will be enough for up to three cups. Made from wood and iron, this hand grinder is very durable and will serve you many years, but it is not the option for taking somewhere (camping, traveling, etc) like some previous models. One year warranty completes the perfect picture of this option and makes it one of the most interesting and atmospheric options in our list. Vintage lovers-it’s for you!

This option is absolutely opposite to the previously mentioned. This guy made by the Zingy is the representative of the modern manual grinders made of stainless steel and very portable. Current option is equipped with the special rubberized insertion to hold grinder tight when grinding. Actually this option fits traveling and camping so good that it seems like it was created exactly for such purposes. The capacity of this grinder is forty grams of coffee beans that is enough for the four cups of coffee. Also you are able to choose necessary level of grinding by adjusting the special knob. Cylindrical shape and durable stainless steel body allow you to put this grinder into any pocket of your backpack and don’t worry about grinder’s safety, it will be safe and sound wherever you decide to take it. Convenient horizontal handle and silicone grip make grinding quick and very convenient. Basically this option has everything that you need for happy grinding and coffee brewing, while its price is very affordable. Light weight, convenient shape, reasonable price and all necessary features-seems like very good combination to pamper you and your friends with the topnotch fresh coffee wherever you will be.

This option is our budget pick and now we will explain you why. The first thing beside very affordable price is its capacity. The capacity of this manual grinder is equal to the seventy five grams of coffee beans that is enough for seven cups of amazing freshly brewed coffee for the company of three or four people. This option is equipped with the horizontal handle that is quite convenient but need to be removed when you want to adjust the grinding level. To choose the necessary level of grinding you need to access the nut which is situated inside the grinder and for such purpose you have to remove its handle which is quite inconvenient especially if you like making different coffee drinks that require different grinding. The good thing of such adjusting method is that you can control the grind level very precisely. This grinder has a glass jar with the special rubberized anti-slippery bottom which adds stability to your grinder during the grinding process. Current model is not the best one to take with you in the next trip or camping due to the fragile glass jar, but it can show its best in your kitchen by pleasing you with the fresh fragrant coffee every morning.

This guy made by JavaPresse is similar to option number seven presented in our list but it doesn’t have the silicone inserts. The convenient cylindrical shape allows you to put easily in any pocket of your suitcase or backpack while travelling, while at the same time the durable body made of stainless steel can keep the grinder safe even in case of bumping. The current model has eighteen different levels of grinding and capacity of forty grams, so you are able to choose the necessary settings and make a superfine fresh coffee for you and your friend. Simple handling and very convenient shape made this option incredibly popular among travelers that don’t want to abandon their favorite tradition of drinking fresh coffee in the morning. With this guy you will be able to do it even while sitting near your tent on the top of the mountain, because all that you need is coffee beans and hot water, and a good company of course. This option has become our top pick thanks to its ideal combination of reasonable price and good qualitative features. So, if you can’t imagine your life without morning coffee and especially if beside this you love traveling, then this option was created for you. Of course it will also fit any kitchen for everyday using and don’t take much space in your cupboard thanks to the small size and cylindrical shape.

The last but definitely not the least option in our list of the best manual grinders is the model created by Hario Skerton which products are well known all over the world and have a quality proven over the years. This grinder is not an exception and can also boast of the first-class quality and very good characteristics. Among its main features you will find one hundred grams of coffee beans capacity, glass-made carafe and rubberized bottom and cover for hopper. All details here are carefully thought out and are exactly as they should be. The capacity of this grinder will be enough to bring back to life you and eight or nine your colleagues/friends with the cup of fresh invigorating coffee. The rubberized bottom allows you to grind coffee beans even on slippery surfaces while the grinder’s body made of the durable plastic will serve you during long time period. The adjusting of the grinding level of this option is as tricky as the most option have nowadays. To choose the necessary level of grinding you need to remove the handle and adjust the special nut situated inside the grinder. It will not cause any problems if you prefer the same level of grinding every time but can take a bit time if you change these levels in dependence of desired coffee drinks.